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British Freedom Party
Chairman Paul Weston
Founded October 2010
Headquarters Bristol
Ideology Civic nationalism (what they call "Cultural nationalism")
Political position National with Zionist additions[1][2]

The British Freedom Party (BFP) was a short-lived civic nationalist political party which was formed in late 2010 by a small number of members that broke away from the British National Party. It was deregistered with the electoral commission in March 2013. Several of its leading members have regrouped under the party Liberty GB to promote homosexuality, Zionism and multiracialism.


The British Freedom Party was formed by a group of liberal "modernisers" from the British National Party that thought that the ethno-based nationalism of the BNP was too extreme, instead they wanted to shift to a civic nationalist ideology. These liberals included Peter Stafford, a homosexual, and Paul Weston, a former United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) candidate for the 2010 general election.

The British Freedom Party website promoted race mixing and asserted that to be British you can be any race or ethnicity, "culture not colour" was among their key website slogans, while it also supported homosexual perversions through the influence of Stafford. The party later came to be associated with the English Defence League, as its political wing.

British Freedom Party slogan and imagery promoting race mixing

During its short existence as a party, the BFP came into conflict with the BNP who exposed Weston in a video as a Zionist with terrorist connections.


The party was deregistered from the electoral commission, and was revealed in a twitter post in March 2013 to be defunct.[3]


The BFP fielded six candidates in the 2012 local elections (five in Liverpool). All polled terribly low; Peter Stafford obtained only 50 votes (1.51%). They put up a candidate (Kevin Carroll) in the England Police and Crime Commissioner elections in November, who came fourth place (second last) with 8,675 votes (10.6%). Strangely the British Freedom website claimed this was a "victory".


The Freedom Democrats split from the British Freedom Party in 2011 after a leadership dispute.


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