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The English Defence League (EDL) is an anti-Islamisation street protest movement in the United Kingdom. Other stated positions include pro-Zionism, anti-"Nazism", anti-"racism" and seeking support from non-Whites and non-Islamist Muslims. It is often considered to be part of the "counterjihad" movement. There are divisions for Jewish and LGBT supporters, among others. Despite this, the politically correct media and far left organizations often try to depict the EDL as "far right" and even as (crypto-)"racist" and "fascist". The label "Islamophobic" is often applied.

The EDL has been stated to have its origins among football supporters in the town of Luton and to have existed since 2009. There is no formal membership and EDL supporter figures are not clear. The principal activity of the EDL has been street demonstrations. There have frequently been conflicts with far left organizations, some of which have openly stated policies of trying to prevent "far right" street demonstrations and activism as well violently attacking those they consider to be "far right". This is rarely mentioned in the politically correct media which tend to be heavily biased in favor of "anti-racist" activists. As for other movements/organizations considered to be "far right", anything any supporters say or do that can be interpreted negatively is likely to be blamed on the movement/organization, even if there is no such relationship and with the activity being completely unrelated to politics.

Possibly influenced by such biased media depictions, politically correct observers have even alleged conspiracy theories with the EDL being involved in conspiracies with aims such as deliberately wanting to increase societal conflicts and even wanting Muslims to become extremists (exactly the opposite of the EDL's stated goals).

International activities and support

There are or have been offshoots or similar movements in some other countries which often also have used the words "Defence League" such as the Scottish Defence League.

The Norwegian Defence League is a group closely associated with the EDL. A 2013 investigative reporters for Norwegian newspaper revealed that the Norwegian Defence League had been founded by "anti-racists", Communists, and informants for Norway’s secret police agency.[1]

Various critics of Islamisation (including some Jewish) have expressed some form of support for the EDl.

The Jewish Defense League is despite the name not part of the same movement but has held a demonstration in support of the EDL,[2] saying that the two groups will "take a stand against the forces of political Islam". The Canadian Jewish Congress has opposed the alliance.[3]

Anders Behring Breivik, perpetrator of the 2011 Norway attacks, has been associated with the EDL, such as claims of having had contacts with individual EDL members. The EDL has denied any official contact with Breivik and has condemned his actions. Breivik has been alleged to have been a member of the Norwegian Defence League but has himself denied this.[4][5][1]

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