Infidels of Britain

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Infidels of Britain
Abbreviation Infidels
Motto Taking Our Country Back
Existence 2 April 2011 (2011-04-02)—present
Type British nationalism
Purpose Patriotic street protest against demographic genocide
Location United Kingdom
Leader John Shaw

The Infidels of Britain is a patriotic working-class street protest organisation in the United Kingdom. They began as the North West faction of the English Defence League but broke-away in 2011 after coming into conflict with the Zionist-first leanings of the Luton-based leadership. The organisation was founded by John Shaw. The North West Infidels were later joined by the North East Infidels and the Scottish Defence League.

The Infidels are critical of mass immigration in general, including of Deobandi/Salafist Mohammedans, as well as protesting the predatory paedophilia and violent criminality associated with these invader groups against the native working-class population (for instance the horrific murders of Kriss Donald and Charlene Downes). However, they seek to uphold the group interests the native British people as their only concern, not Zionism.

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