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Anthony Ludovici.

Anthony Mario Ludovici (8 January 1882 – 3 April 1971) was a British philosopher, sociologist, social critic and polyglot. He was born in London, of Italian ancestry. Ludovici is known as a proponent of aristocracy and an anti-egalitarianism, and in the early 20th century was a leading British conservative author. He wrote on subjects including art, metaphysics, politics, economics, religion, the differences between the sexes and races, health, and eugenics. He contributed to publications such as The English Review and The South African Observer.[1]


In 1913, Ludovici translated and wrote the foreword for The Letters of A Post-Impressionist, which was a compilation of letters by the artist Vincent van Gogh.[2] He spent a short time working as a private secretary for the famous French sculptor Auguste Rodin.[3]

Views on Immigration

Ludovici objected to the immigration of black Jamaicans to England and criticized the Conservative Party, repeatedly referring to them in his works as "imitators of the Left.[4] He claimed that the policy adoption stemmed from England's reaction to WWII, wherein he noted that by September 1939, "It had become customary, if not compulsory" to contradict any and every National Socialist policy. "War," according to him, was the "breeder of lies." Wherein "as a rule, when once hostilities cease, most of the lies which have served their turn are in time wholly forgotten..." this was not the case with England, which rushed to adopt color-blindness and miscegenation."[5]


Ludovici was critical of Christianity, but also saw atheism as equally unacceptable.[6]


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