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"Redwatch - The site the traitors love to hate!"

Motto Remember places, traitors' faces, they'll all pay for their crimes
Type anti-communism
Purpose Exposing details of alleged Marxist activists in political parties, advocacy groups, trade unions and the media. Particularly those who promote hatred against native European peoples and their right to self-determination.
Location United Kingdom, Poland, Australia
Affiliation British People's Party

Redwatch was from 2001 until 2018 an anti-communist website associated with members of the British People's Party. It was founded by Simon Sheppard, formerly member of Blood and Honour.


Created as a nationalist response to hate groups such as "Searchlight", it exposes the details and photographs of alleged Marxist and red-anarchist political activists in the United Kingdom, particularly ones who promote hatred of ethnic European people. The website's slogan was "Remember places, traitors' faces, they'll all pay for their crimes", a quote from nationalist musician Ian Stuart Donaldson. There was also a version for Poland and Australia.

The information gathered by Redwatch was indexed by cities or regions. Many of the people listed are agitators in Marxist and red-anarchist street gangs such as UAF, ANL and Antifa. Members of Marxist political parties such as the Socialist Workers Paty, Socialist Party (United Kingdom and Ireland), Workers' Power, Sinn Féin, Alliance for Workers' Liberty and others feature. It also includes Frankfurt School inspired communist agents in the trade union movement; particularly in the National Union of Journalists and National Teachers Union.

Communists and other political subversives in the United Kingdom have a deep and fanatical hatred of Redwatch, but the concept itself was only iniated as a response to state-linked magazines such as Gerry Gable's Searchlight and the Trotskyite SWP's ANL, printing home and work address', telephone numbers and other details of nationalists, in an attempt to harass or invite physical assault against them, including family members of party leaders. According to Redwatch; "the red scum target us, Redwatch plays them at their own game."

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