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Blood & Honour is a White nationalist music promotion network. The network describes itself as a confederacy of different groups. It organizes concerts and festivals and publishes a magazine with the same name.

Its website states that "From the original loose confederation Blood and Honour has evolved into a tight organisation, active groups of thirty plus becoming Divisions, smaller groups being given sectional status, all politically active and aligned to the party or movement of their choice, neither Divisional or Section status is awarded lightly, it has to be earnt not bought. High Command made up of band members, activists and political parties dictate the direction Blood and Honour takes. National gig organiser, Security, Propaganda and Internet units cover every aspect of the day to day running of our movement. [...] the movement has grown to cover countries in all four corners of the globe, all working under their own respective countries laws in what way they see fit, to further our mutual aims."

There are various dubious allegations involving it in politically correct sources, such as guilt by association between crimes done by individuals somehow associated with the network (such as simply attending a concert organized by the network) and the network itself.

The network has been banned in some countries. Germany banned it not because of evidence of the network being involved in violence, but because of "spreading Nazi ideology".[1]

In the United States, two rival groups claim the name.

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