Blood and Honour

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Blood and Honour
Blood and Honour.png
Abbreviation B&H
Existence 1987—present
Type Rock music
Purpose Rock Against Communism
Skinhead subculture
Location Divisions in nineteen countries, in three different continents
Headquarters London, United Kingdom
Affiliation Combat 18
Leader Ian Stuart Donaldson

Blood and Honour was formed in England, 1987 as an outlet for Nationalist, National Socialist and other Europid-friendly bands. Ian Stuart founded Blood and Honour to combat the newly formed Rock Against Racism concerts that were being promoted by the Trotskyist SWP's ANL. The name Blood and Honour comes from the motto of the Hitler Youth. Many of the bands come from a wide variety of Countries and have Divisons in, United States, Belgium, Flanders, Canada, Netherlands, Australia, Slovenia, Hungary, Bulgaria, France, Romania, Croatia, Greece, Finland, Poland, Brazil, Argentina and Russia.


The origins of the group go back to the United Kingdom in 1977, with the creation of the Anti Nazi League's Rock Against Racism music organisation. The British National Front responded with its Rock Against Communism movement, and in 1980, the reformed punk rock band Skrewdriver relaunched the RAC movement.

With the aid of the National Front (NF), concerts were organized under the RAC name through the White Noise Club (WNC), with White Noise Records releasing white power records. RAC grew throughout 1983 and 1984, with concerts regularly attended by over 600 people, promoted only by word of mouth. Bands that performed at the concerts included Skrewdriver, Brutal Attack, No Remorse, The Ovaltinees, Peter & The Wolves and Skullhead. In 1984, white power skinheads from Britain and Europe attended several outdoor RAC festivals organised by the WNC and the NF. With the release of Skrewdriver's Hail The New Dawn album on the German Rock-O-Rama label, the WNC gained an even larger audience.

In 1986 several bands left the White Noise Club and their parent organization,the National Front due to suspected fraud of concert goers and bands. In 1987 the bands Skrewdriver, No Remorse,Sudden Impact,Brutal Attack founded Blood and Honour and now included a magazine, of the same name. By becoming politically independent, Blood & Honour started supporting many different organizations.

The German Blood and Honour Division was prohibited on September 14, 2000, as was the Spanish division in 2005 after the arrest and imprisonment of many of its main members. Several other countries continue to investigate their respective Blood & Honour divisions in relation to "hate speech".


B&H/C18 Bands

Some of these bands are still active, some are not. This list is dated from around 2005

  • ACAB (Hungary)
  • Accion Radical (Argentina)
  • Agitator (Germany)
  • Agrese 95 (Czech Republic)
  • Agresija (Serbia)
  • Ancestors (Slovakia)
  • Angriff (Sweden)
  • Arma Blanca (Spain)
  • Ataka (Russia)
  • Bagadou Stourm (France)
  • Baltas-Triuksmas (Lithuania)
  • Barbarians (Argentina)
  • Battle Flag (Serbia)
  • Belyi Shkwal (Ukraine)
  • Blackshirts (UK)
  • Blodsband (Sweden)
  • Brannik (Bulgaria)
  • Brigada NS (Brazil)
  • Brigada Totenkopf (Spain)
  • Celtic Cross (France)
  • Chamber 88 (Denmark)
  • Chingford Attack (UK)
  • Codigo de Honor (Spain)
  • Conflict 88 (Czech Republic)
  • Diktatura (Lithuania)
  • Direct Action (Serbia)
  • Doctor Martens Skinheads (Slovakia)
  • Drzavni Udar (Serbia)
  • Estandarte 88 (Spain)
  • Etnicko Ciscenje (Serbia)
  • Faceless Enemy (USA)
  • Frontal O!L (Argentina)
  • Hassgessang (Germany)
  • Hate Society (Germany)
  • Hets Mot Folkgrupp (Sweden)
  • Honor (Poland)
  • HRB/White Pride (Hvid Røvfuld Band) (Denmark)
  • Jewthanasia (Denmark)
  • Juden Mord (Slovakia)
  • Kommando Freisler (Germany)
  • Kraftschlag (Germany)
  • Kratky Process (Slovakia)
  • Kristalna Noc (Serbia)
  • Landstorm (Netherlands)
  • Legion Negro (Argentina)
  • Moleban (Serbia)
  • Molot (Belarus)
  • Murder Squad (Canada)
  • Nacht und Nebel (Canada)
  • Natural Born Killers (UK)
  • Nordmacht (Germany)
  • No Remorse (UK)
  • No Surrender (Hellas)
  • Nothung (Sweden)
  • Nuremberg (Argentina)
  • Odal Sieg (Chile)
  • Odio Urbano (Spain/Chile/Brazil) Project with members of Estandarte 88, Odal Sieg and Brigada NS
  • Oidoxie (Germany)
  • Outguard (Serbia)
  • Patriot (Slovakia)
  • Prawo Krwi (Poland)
  • Prisonero nº 7 (Spain)
  • Providenje 28 (Serbia)
  • Preserve White Aryans (Estonia)
  • Race War (Germany)
  • Rassenhass (Germany)
  • Razor 88 (Serbia)
  • Razors Edge (UK)
  • Reaccion 88 (Argentina)
  • Real Aggression (Serbia)
  • Revolt BGD (Serbia)
  • Runes of War (Australia)
  • Sorab 18 (Serbia)
  • Southern Storm (Australia)
  • Stay the same (Serbia)
  • Stoneheads (Austria)
  • Strikeforce (Sweden)
  • Struggle for 18 (Sweden)
  • Tears of God (Sweden)
  • Terrorkorps (Germany)
  • Terrormachine (Serbia)
  • The Terrorist (Serbia)
  • Titania (Sweden)
  • Trijumf Volje (Serbia)
  • T.N.F. (Russia)
  • Torsgard (Sweden)
  • Totenkopf Saints (USA)
  • Tropa SS (Chile)
  • Ufthenjar (Argentina)
  • Ultrasur (Argentina)
  • Vandal (Russia)
  • Vinland (Argentina)
  • Weisse Wölfe (Germany)
  • Wiking Division (Sweden/Finland)

}} A few of these bands have left Blood and Honour or Combat18 and since 2005 many more have played at various B&H/C18 concerts

B&H Albums

  • Absolute 28
  • Alive In Denmark (12/31/98)
  • Division East Europe
  • Somtiem des Prisonniers
  • Trotz Verbot nicht Tot
  • Voices of Solidarity
  • Volume C18 - Whatever It Takes!
  • B&H Argentina - White Music Vol. I
  • B&H Brandenburg
  • Duetschland Vol. I
  • B&H Hellas Vol.1
  • B&H Serbia - Anthems of Ethnic Cleansing
  • B&H Serbia Vol. II
  • B&H Southland - Vinland Friendship
  • B&H Thuringen
  • B&H Vol I
  • B&H Vol II
  • B&H Vol III
  • B&H Vol IV
  • B&H Vol V

B&H Radio

Blood and Honour Radio is available online.

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