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Zionist Occupation Government (often abbreviated as ZOG) is an expression used to refer to the large Jewish influence.

In politically correct sources, the expression is argued to always refer to a conspiracy theory similar to The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. However, this is not necessarily how the term is used. For example, the term may be used to refer to the large influence of the Israel lobby on Western countries.


The earliest appearance of the term was in 1976, in the article "Welcome to ZOG-World" by American nationalist Eric Thomson. The article stated that:[1]

"ZIONIST: a jew-supremacist or Israel-firster. Most Zionists are not jews, but jew-stooges who are bribed and/or bamboozled into serving their jewish masters. The previously-used term for such a critter was "useful idiot" or race-traitor.

OCCUPATION: the status of foreign troops or agents who rule a subject people against its own interests, on behalf of the alien occupiers.

GOVERNMENT: a minority of individuals who have the authority to shoot the majority and/or to levy taxes upon them."

Aryan Nations used the term in their literature. Various other organizations have also used the term.

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