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The Israel lobby is the name for powerful lobbies in many countries, under various names, that support the interests of Israel.

In the United States, which contains the world's largest Jewish population (7,387,992[1]), the American Israel Public Affairs Committee is a prominent organization in the lobby, but many other organizations also support Israel, both Jewish (such as the Anti-Defamation League and the B'nai B'rith) and non-Jewish (such as Christian Zionist organizations).

In the United Kingdom[2] the British Board of Jewish Deputies[3] is exceptionally influential as is the Conservative Friends of Israel group[4]. The UK Labour Party also has a Friends of Israel group but which believes in a two-state solution for the Israelis and Palestinians[5].

Worldwide, the World Jewish Congress is an important Zionist umbrella organization.


  2. According to the 2021 UK census, there were only 271,327 Jews in England and Wales, just over 0.4% of the population.

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