Hail The New Dawn

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Hail The New Dawn
Studio album by Skrewdriver
Label Rock-O-Rama Records
Producer Skrewdriver
Skrewdriver chronology
All Skrewed Up
Hail The New Dawn
Blood and Honour

Hail The New Dawn is a 1984 album from the British Nationalist band Skrewdriver. Originally released on Rock-O-Rama Records.

Track Listing

  1. Hail The New Dawn
  2. Our Pride Is Our Loyalty
  3. Before The Night Falls
  4. Justice
  5. Race & Nation
  6. Flying The Flag
  7. If There's A Riot
  8. Tomorrow Belongs To Me
  9. Europe Awake
  10. Soldier Of Freedom
  11. Skrew You
  12. Pennies From Heaven
  13. Power From Profit
  14. Free My Land