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Skullhead Album Art

Skullhead (German: Totenkopf) was a 1980s British Rock Against Communism band from the Newcastle area.


Kevin Turner from Skullhead

Along with Brutal Attack, Skrewdriver, and No Remorse, they are one of the most notable bands of that genre. Led by Kevin "Kev" Turner, they started out as an Oi!-style band and then adopted elements from heavy metal and other types of rock music. Skullhead has stayed away from the overt racist and pro-National Socialist lyrics of bands such as No Remorse, and instead mostly sang about British pride, Nordic gods and anti-capitalism.

After becoming inactive in the white power skinhead scene, Turner became a tattoo artist and techno music MC under the moniker "MC Techno T". He has performed at some of the biggest rave clubs in England and has been featured on several live hard techno CDs. Turner and a new lineup of Skullhead released the album Return to Thunder in 2002.


  • White Warrior* LP (Unity Records, 1987)
  • White Noise - We want the Airwaves* 12" EP with PALAZARD
  • (Wite Noise Records, 1988)
  • Blame the Bosses / Celtic Warrior; Unemployed Voice* 7" EP with VIOLENT STORM (Third Way, 1989)
  • Odins Law* LP (United Records, 1989)
  • Rose of England / Townmoor festival 7" single 1989
  • Blame the bosses / Look ahead" 7" single (Street Rock 'N' Roll, 1990)
  • Cry of pain* LP (United Records, 1991)
  • Victory Or Valhalla* Mini-LP (Rebelles Europeéns, 1992)
  • Ragnarok (Victory Or Valhalla)1994)
  • Return To Thunder* CD (Backstreet Noise Music, 2002)
  • Victory Or Valhalla (2002)

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