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Thomas Frank Holmes (born 1931) was the chairman of the British National Front and a long standing member of the national liberation movement,[1] he has been involved in Nationalist politics since 1958[2] but left in 2009.[3]

Holmes is a strong supporter of European nationalism and has stated: "I have contacts with people all over Europe: Austria, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Greece, Serbia, but none of these are official contacts, we have unofficial contacts, yes, we support any European nationalist party"[4] He has also been highly critical of the British National Party (BNP), claiming that they are no longer truly ethno-nationalist and condemning them for having a foreign Sikh columnist in the party newspaper.

General Elections contested

Date of election Constituency Party Votes %
1979 Yarmouth NF 640 1.2
2001 North Thanet NF 395 0.9
2005 Halifax NF 191 0.5