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Spearhead was a monthly British nationalist magazine edited mainly by John Tyndall until his death in July 2005. Founded in 1964 by Tyndall, it was used to voice his grievances against the state of the United Kingdom. Other editors Richard Verrall (1976-1980) and Nick Griffin (1996-1999) contributed to the publication success. [1] Martin Webster contributed to the publication under the pen name ‘Julius.’[2]

The magazine has not continued under new editorship, although a new article appeared on the magazine's website in October 2006. From 1967 to 1980, it served as the official magazine of the British National Front. The magazine had a limited circulation because of censorship by newsagents and libraries. It was largely distributed by mail order subscription, and it had and still has a considerable Internet presence, with many of its articles being published on the magazine's website. The Spearhead is still online, with a new article appearing on the site in October 2006.


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