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This is a comprehensive list of Rock Against Communism bands, including related Oi! and heavy metal groups.

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RAC bands


Name Genre Country Website Notes
08/15 RAC Germany Videos: [1], [2], [3]
14 Nothelfer RAC Germany
1488 Germany
14Winterkampf88 NSBM Germany
The 4-Skins Oi! England
5:45 Black Metal Germany MySpace
88 NSBM Bulgaria Homepage
88MM Metal Bullets Thrash USA
99 Fosse Italy


Name Genre Country Website Notes
A Caress of Twilight Ambient Poland MySpace
A.B.H. Oi! England
A.d.F RAC Germany
A.D.L. 122 Oi!, RAC Italy Homepage Also written "ADL 122"
A.M.F. RAC Hungary
Absurd NSBM Germany Homepage MySpace tribute and fan page, Fan site
Achtung Juden Rock USA
Ad Hominem NSBM France Homepage, MySpace
Aeiou Black Metal Russia
Afrikakorps RAC Germany
After The Fire RAC, Heavy Metal The Netherlands
Aggravated Assault Hardcore, Rock USA
Aggressive Force Hatecore, Oi! USA Videos: [4], [5], [6]#
Agitator Rock Germany
Agnar RAC Germany
Amalek Black Metal Germany
Amici del vento Musica Alternativa Italy [7]
Ancestors NS Rock Slovakia
Ancient Hatred NSBM Estonia
Angriff RAC Sweden
Angriff 88 RAC Germany
Angry Aryans Hatecore USA
Annett Folk Germany
Antisemitex NSBM, RAC Poland
Arbeiterklasse Germany
Arghoslent Death Metal USA Homepage MySpace fan pages: [8], [9]
Argy Bargy Oi! England
Arische Jugend Germany
Arisches Blut Folk Germany MP3s: [10], [11]
ARMCO RAC Italy Homepage
Aryan Oi!, Punk Canada
Aryan Art NSBM Bulgaria Homepage
Aryan Blood NSBM Germany
Aryan Brotherhood RAC Germany
Aryan Rebels Rock Germany MP3: [12]
Aryan Storm NSBM Russia Homepage
Aryan Terrorism NSBM Ukraine
Aryanas NSBM, Pagan Metal Canada MySpace
Astrofaes Black Metal Ukraine Homepage
Asynja Folk Metal Sweden MySpace fan page
Attack Metal, Hatecore USA MP3s: [13], [14]
Aufbruch RAC Germany Homepage
Aufidena Italy Homepage art name
Aufmarsch Rock Germany
Avalon RAC England


Name Genre Country Website Notes
Bad Fate Thrash, Hardcore Italy Homepage, MySpace
Banda Moskvy Rock Russia
Bannerwar NSBM Greece
Battle Standard RAC UK
Battlecry Heavy Metal USA Homepage
Battlefield RAC Poland
Before God Thrash/Death Metal USA Homepage, MySpace
Before the War Death Metal Slovakia Homepage
Berserkr Heavy Metal/Death Metal USA
Better Dead Than Red Hatecore, RAC USA Homepage
Bilskirnir NSBM Germany MySpace fan page
Blackout Rock Wales MySpace
Blind Justice Hardcore Italy MySpace
Block 11 Oi! Italy
Blood and Honour RAC
Blood and Iron Thrash/Death Metal USA
Blood Red Eagle RAC, Viking Rock Australia Homepage
Bloodshed Hatecore Germany MP3: [15]
Blue Eyed Devils Hatecore USA MP3s: [16], [17], [18]
Blue Max Rock Germany MP3: [19]
Blutrausch Oi!, Hatecore Germany YouTube channel
Blutschrei Black Metal Finland
Bonecrusher Thrash Metal USA Homepage
Bound for Glory Thrash Metal USA Homepage
Brainwash Hardcore, Metal Germany MP3: [20]
Branikald NSBM Russia MySpace fan page
Brannik RAC, Oi! Bulgaria
Brigada de Asalt RAC Romania Homepage [21], [22], [23]
Brigada NS Rock Brazil
Brigade M RAC The Netherlands Homepage
British Standard RAC Scotland
Brutal Attack RAC England MP3s: [24], [25], [26]
Bully Boys Hatecore, RAC USA Videos: [27], [28], [29]
Burzum Black Metal, Ambient Norway Homepage, MySpace


Name Genre Country Website Notes
Capricornus NSBM Poland MySpace fan page
Celtic Cross Oi!, RAC France
Celtic Dawn RAC, Oi! Ireland
Celtic Warrior Oi!, Rock Wales MP3s: [30], [31], [32]
Centurion Power/Thrash Metal USA
Chaos 88 Hatecore, Punk USA MP3s: [33], [34]
Chaoskrieger Hatecore Germany MySpace fan page
Chingford Attack RAC England
Civico 88 Rock, Oi! Italy
Code 13 Oi!, Punk USA
Cold Grave Black Metal, Metal Germany Videos: [35], [36]
Comando Suicida Oi!, Rock Argentina Homepage, MySpace
Combat 84 Oi!, Rock UK MySpace
Combate Portugal
Commit Suiside RAC, Oi!, Rock Sweden
Condemned 84 Oi! England Homepage, MySpace
Conflict 88 Rock Czech Republic Video: [37]
Contra Ataque 88 RAC/Oi! Uruguay Homepage
Cripta Oculta Black Metal Portugal Homepage
Cross RAC Canada
Crusade RAC UK
Crux Dissimulata Pagan Black Metal Belgium
Cut Throat Rock USA MP3: [38]


Name Genre Country Website Notes
D.S.T. Rock Germany MP3: [39]
Daneskjold RAC Denmark Homepage
Dark Earth NSBM Czech Republic
Dark Fury NSBM Poland Homepage MySpace fan page
Darkthule NSBM Greece Homepage MySpace fan page
Das Reich Oi! USA MP3: [40]
Day of the Sword Rock USA MP3: [41]
DC Stormtroopers Hatecore USA
Death's Head Thrash Metal Australia MP3s: [42], [43], [44]
Definite Hate Rock USA MP3: [45]
Der Stürmer NSBM Greece Homepage
Dirlewanger RAC,Oi! Sweden
Discipline Rock, Hardcore, Punk The Netherlands Homepage, MySpace
Division S RAC Sweden
Divízió 88 NS Metal Hungary
DJ Himmler Techno
Dub Buk NSBM Ukraine MySpace fan page
Durandal Metal France


Name Genre Country Website Notes
Edelweiss RAC, Thrash Germany Homepage
Eggers, Daniel Folk Germany MP3: [46]
Eingar NSBM USA MySpace
Eisenwinter NSBM Switzerland MySpace fan page, Video: [47]
Eldrig Black Metal USA MySpace
Empire RAC UK MP3s: [48]
Empire Falls RAC, Hatecore USA Homepage, MySpace
Endlöser RAC Germany
Endstufe Oi! Germany Homepage Videos: [49], [50], [51]
English Rose RAC England MP3s: [52], [53], [54]
Entwarnung Rock Germany
Esperia Folk Italy Video: [55]
Ethnic Cleansing Hatecore USA
Eugenik Viking Metal, RAC Germany
Evil NSBM Brazil Homepage, MySpace
Excalibur Death Metal Czech Republic
Extreme Hatred Hatecore USA
Eye of Odin Viking Metal, Heavy Metal UK Interview


Name Genre Country Website Notes
Fanisk NSBM USA MySpace
Fatherland NSBM USA MP3: [56]
Fight Tonight RAC Germany
Final Solution RAC, Oi! USA One of the first American White Power bands, formed in 1985
Final War Hatecore, RAC USA Videos: [57], [58], [59]
Finist Power Metal Ukraine MySpace
Fist of Steel RAC Brazil MySpace
Flame of War NSBM Poland
Flammentod NSBM Germany
Folkvang Black Metal Belarus Homepage
Forest NSBM Russia MySpace fan page
Fortress RAC Australia MP3s: [60], [61]
Forward Area Punk USA Homepage
Fraction Hardcore, Metal France Homepage
Frank UK MySpace
Freezing Moon NSBM Slovakia MySpace
Freikorps Rock Germany
Freya Oi! France MP3: [62]
Frontal 88 Germany
Frontalkraft Rock Germany Homepage
Frostkrieg Black Metal Germany
Fullmoon NSBM Poland Homepage, MySpace
Fyrdung RAC, Black Metal, Viking Metal Sweden Homepage, MySpace


Name Genre Country Website Notes
Gateway Of The Sun NSBM Peru Homepage
Geimhre NSBM Canada MySpace
Gesta Bellica Oi! Italy Homepage
Gestapo Germany
Gigi & Die braunen Stadtmusikanten RAC Germany
Goatmoon Black Metal Finland MySpace fan page
Gontyna Kry NSBM Poland MySpace fan page
Gordost RAC, Oi! Bulgaria
Grand Belial's Key Black Metal USA Homepage
Graveland NSBM, Pagan Metal Poland Homepage, MySpace
Griffin Various Canada
Grinded Nig Death Metal / Grindcore USA MySpace
Grom NSBM USA MySpace
Guarda de Ferro Portugal
Guarda de Honra Portugal Homepage


Name Genre Country Website Notes
H.E.R.R. Neoclassical The Netherlands, England MySpace
H8machine Metal, Hardcore USA Homepage Video: [63]
Hagalaz NSBM Greece
Hammer Finland NSBM
Hassgesang Rock Germany MP3s: [64]
Hasskommando Death Metal USA
Hate Crime
Hate for Breakfast Hardcore Italy Homepage
Hate Forest Black Metal Ukraine MySpace fan page
Hate Society Oi!, RAC Germany
Hauptkampflinie Rock Germany Also known as HKL. Videos: [65], [66], [67]
Hexenkreis NSBM France
Heysel Rock Sweden
Honor Metal Poland MP3: [68]
Hvangur NSBM, Pagan Metal Russia Homepage Homepage (Russian). Video: [69]


Name Genre Country Website Notes
Ian Stuart RAC England
Ile de France France
Indecent Exposure RAC England
Immortal Pride NSBM USA Homepage, MySpace
Indiziert Rock Switzerland Homepage YouTube videos: [70], [71]
Infernum Black Metal Poland MySpace fan page
Injustice Side Oi! Italy
Intimidation One RAC, Oi! USA YouTube video: [72]
Involved Patriots Thrash Canada Sample MP3: [73]
Iron Eagle Metal Hungary YouTube video: [74]. Sample MP3: [75]
Iron Youth Hatecore Greece Homepage
Iuvenes Black Metal, Folk Metal Poland Homepage MySpace fan page
Ivan and the Necrolytes USA


Name Genre Country Website Notes
Jagdstaffel Germany
Jew Slaughter Hatecore USA
Jewicide NSBM USA
Jewthanasia RAC Denmark
Johnny Rebel Country USA Sample MP3s: [76]
Juden Mord NS Rock, Hatecore Slovakia MP3: [77], Video: [78]
Julmond Germany
Jungsturm RAC Germany MP3: [79]
Justicia RAC, Death Metal, Thrash Slovakia Video: [80]


Name Genre Country Website Notes
Kamaedzitca Pagan Metal Belarus Homepage
Kara England, Canada
Kataxu NSBM Poland MySpace fan page
Khronoz NSBM Canada MySpace
Kiborg NSBM, Metal, RAC Russia Homepage MySpace fan page
Kill Baby, Kill! RAC, Oi! Belgium MySpace
Klansmen, The UK
Kolovrat RAC, Thrash Metal Russia
Kommando RAC Australia
Kommando Skin RAC Germany Homepage
Konkwista 88 RAC Poland Video: [81]
Kraft durch Froide RAC Germany
Kraftschlag RAC, Metal Germany Videos: [82], [83], [84]
Kremator Metal Canada
Kreuzfeuer Death Metal, NSBM Germany
Krigsrop NSBM Norway
Kristallnacht NSBM France
Kroda Folk Metal, Black Metal Ukraine Homepage MySpace fan page


Name Genre Country Website Notes
L'Infanterie Sauvage France RAC,Oi!
La Compagnia dell'Anello Musica Alternativa Italy Homepage
Landser (band) Rock Germany Videos: [85], [86], [87], [88]
Last Resort Oi! England
Legion 88 Oi! France Video: [89] MP3: [90]
Legion of Doom Black Metal Greece MySpace fan page
Legittima Offesa Italy Homepage
Liberty 37 Oi! USA
Lionheart RAC England
Lion's Pride Oi!, Rock Belgium Homepage
Lord Wind Ambient, Folk Poland Homepage, MySpace
Loyalty Oi! England Homepage
LusitanOi! Portugal
Lut' NSBM, RAC Ukraine Videos: [91], [92]


Name Genre Country Website Notes
M8L8TH NSBM, Folk Russia MySpace fan page
Macht und Ehre Rock Germany
Malnatt Oi! Italy
Marching On RAC USA
Marko Perkovic Thompson Rock Croatia Homepage (Croatian)
Mass Destruction Germany
Massenvernichtung NSBM Germany
Max Resist Rock USA
Midgårds Söner Punkrock Sweden
Midtown Boot Boys Rock, Punk, RAC USA
Minu Kamp Rock Estonia Myspace
Mistreat Hard Rock, Oi!, RAC Finland
Molot Thrash, Black Metal, RAC Belarus Formally known as Apraxia
Murder Squad Germany


Name Genre Country Website Notes
Na Rasputje NSBM Russia Homepage
Nahkampf Oi!, RAC Germany
Naturkampf NS Ambient Germany MySpace
Nemesis RAC Scotland
Nitberg NSBM Russia MySpace fan page
No Remorse RAC UK Videos: [93], [94]
Noie Werte Oi! Germany Homepage
Nokturnal Mortum NSBM Ukraine MySpace fan pages: [95], [96]
Nordfront RAC, Metal Germany
Nordglanz NSBM, Folk Metal Germany Homepage Video: [97], [98]
Nordic Thunder Hatecore USA
Nordisches Blut NSBM Germany
Nordlicht Germany
Nordreich Black Metal Germany MySpace
Nordsturm Metal Germany MP3s: [99], [100]
Nordwind Rock, Viking Rock Germany MP3: [101]
Nothung Death Metal, RAC Sweden
Nuremberg RAC Argentina


Name Genre Country Website Notes
Odal Rune NSBM Belgium
Odal Sieg RAC Chile Video: [102]
Odem RAC Germany
Odessa RAC Germany Homepage
Odins Erben RAC Germany Homepage
Odins Law Heavy Metal Canada
Odio RAC, Oi! Portugal Video: [103]
Offensive RAC Germany
Offensive Weapon RAC,Oi! Ireland
Ohtar NSBM Poland
Oi Dramz RAC Germany Homepage
Oidoxie Rock, Oi! Germany Homepage Videos: [104], [105]
Oistar Proper Oi! Germany
Oithanasie Oi! Germany Video: [106]
Open Season RAC Australia
Operace Artaban Oi! Czech Republic Homepage
Operation Racewar Hatecore USA
Opfer Rassenhass NSBM Canada Video: [107]
Order of the Werewolf Dark/Martial Ambient Germany
Order of the White Hand NSBM Finland MySpace
Order, The RAC UK
Orthanc Black Metal France Homepage, MySpace
Ostseefront RAC Germany
Ovaltinees, The Oi!, Rock England MySpace


Name Genre Country Website Notes
P.W.A. RAC Estonia
Paganblut NSBM Bulgaria Videos: [108]
Pantheon NSBM USA Homepage
Patria Oi! Spain
PD SS Totenkopf NSBM, Pagan Metal Belarus
Peggior Amico Oi! Italy
People Haters Rock,RAC USA
Perunwit Neo-Folk Poland MySpace
Peter & the Wolf RAC UK
Piarevaracien Folk Metal, Black Metal Belarus MySpace
Pitbullfarm Psychobilly Sweden
Platoon 14 Oi! USA
Pluton Svea Rock/RAC Sweden
Providjenje RAC Serbia
Prussian Blue Folk USA Homepage Videos: [109], [110] MP3s: [111]
Public Enemy UK
Pureblood RAC England


Name Genre Country Website Notes
Quick and the Dead Punk Australia
Quisling NSBM, Oi! USA


Name Genre Country Website Notes
Race War Rock Germany
Racist Redneck Rebels Country USA MP3s: [112]
RaHoWa Gothic Metal Canada
Rassenhass NS Rock Germany
Raven Dark NSBM Russia MySpace fan page
Ravenbanner NSBM Greece Video: [113]
Ravens Wing Rock Australia
Razor 88 Rock Serbia
Razors Edge RAC UK
Rebel Hell Hatecore USA Video: [114] MP3: [115] Interview: [116]
Resistance 77 Punk Rock UK
Rennicke, Frank Liedermacher Germany [117]
Revolt BGD RAC Serbia
Rheinwacht Germany
Rodovest NSBM/Pagan Metal Russia Homepage
Romantikus erőszak Rock Hungary Homepage (Hungarian)
Rundagor Black Metal Russia
Rusich Folk Metal, RAC Ukraine Homepage


Name Genre Country Website Notes
S.A.R. NSBM Brazil
S.H.S. Portugal
Saccara Rock Germany Videos: [118], [119], [120]
Saga Rock, Pop Sweden Homepage
Saltus Black Metal, Death Metal Poland Homepage, MySpace
Satanic Warmaster Black Metal Finland Homepage, MySpace
Scurvy RAC, Oi! England
Section 5 Oi! England
Section 88 Oi!, RAC England
Sedition Hatecore USA
Selbstmord NSBM Poland
Shadow Order, The NSBM Greece Homepage
Sieg Dark Ambient, Folk Russia Homepage
Sirin Black Metal, Folk Metal Slovakia MySpace
Skrewdriver RAC England Videos: [121], [122]
Skullhead Oi!, Rock, Heavy Metal England
Sleipnir Folk, Rock Germany Homepage
Sniper RAC Finland
Sokyra Peruna RAC, Hatecore, Pagan Metal Ukraine
Solar Wisdom NSBM Poland MySpace fan page
Sombre Chemin NSBM France Homepage MySpace fan page
Spirit of 88 Heavy metal Germany
SPQR Hardcore, RAC Italy Homepage, MySpace
Spreegeschwader RAC Germany Homepage
Squadron Heavy Metal England MP3s: [123], [124], [125]
Stahlgewitter Rock Germany
Standrecht Oi!, Rock The Netherlands Homepage
Steelcap RAC, Hatecore USA
Steelcapped Bisson RAC Sweden MP3: [126]
Steelcapped Strength RAC Sweden Videos: [127], [128], [129]
Stonehammer Canada
Storm Rock Sweden
Stormtroop 16 Oi! USA Homepage
Sturm UK NSBM, Ambient MySpace
Sturm 18 RAC Germany
Sturmwehr Rock Germany
Sunwheel NSBM Poland Homepage Formally known as Swastyka
Svarga Black Metal Ukraine Homepage MySpace fan page
Svastika Heavy Metal Sweden
Swirling Sunwheels NS Ambient Canada
Symphony of Sorrow Gothic/Industrial Metal Sweden
Syny Severa NSBM Russia MySpace fan page


Name Genre Country Website Notes
T.H.O.R. Germany
Taranis NSBM USA
Teardown Hatecore USA Homepage
The Elite RAC England
The Mad Hatters Punk,RAC United States
Temnojar NS Ambient Russia Homepage MySpace fan page
Temnozor NSBM, Folk Metal Russia Homepage, MySpace
Thallium Black Metal Brazil
Thor's Hammer NSBM Poland MySpace fan page
Thunderbolt England
Titania Rock Sweden Videos: [130], [131] MP3: [132]
Titkolt ellenállás Hungary Homepage
Todfeind NSBM Germany
Tolbiac's Toads RAC France
Tonstörung Rock Germany
Torstein RAC Germany
Total Destruction RAC England
Totenburg NSBM Germany MySpace fan page
Triskelon Heavy Metal, Death Metal Sweden MP3: [133]
Troy Southgate Neoclassical England MySpace Plays in H.E.R.R.
Tyranath NSBM USA MySpace
Tyskland NSBM Germany


Name Genre Country Website Notes
Ulfhethnar Black Metal Argentina Homepage
Ulfhethnar NSBM, RAC Germany
Ultima Frontiera Oi! Italy Videos: [134], [135]
Ultima Thule Viking Rock Sweden
Ultimatum RAC Italy Homepage
United Blood Germany
Urdung NSBM Slovakia


Name Genre Country Website Notes
Vaginal Jesus Grindcore USA MP3: [136]
Valsblut NSBM France
Vandal Thrash Metal, RAC Russia Homepage (Russian)
Vargleide NSBM Russia MySpace fan page
Varyag Pagan Metal, Doom Metal Russia Video: [137]
Veles Black Metal Poland MySpace
Velimor NSBM Russia Homepage (Russian) MySpace fan page
Vengeance RAC England
Via Dolorosa NSBM Italy Homepage
Vinland Warriors Metal, RAC Canada MySpace
Vinterskog Black Metal, Folk USA MySpace
Vit Aggression Rock Sweden
Vit Legion RAC Sweden
Volhv NSBM Ukraine MySpace
Volkolak Folk Metal Russia MySpace
Volkszorn RAC Germany MP3: [138]
Von Thronstahl German Electronic, Martial-industrial and Neoclassical Germany Official Site Von Thronstahl - Hail you Captain and thy Guard
Vérszerződés NS Rock/Thrash Hungary Videos: [139], [140], [141]


Name Genre Country Website Notes
Waffen SS NSBM Italy
Waldvater Black Metal, Pagan Metal USA Homepage, MySpace
War 88 NSBM Poland Previously known as Lord of Evil
Warfare 88 Punk USA
Warhammer RAC England
Warhead NSBM Poland, Ukraine Videos: [142], [143], [144]
Warmonger NS Ambient Poland MySpace
Wehrhammer NSBM Germany
Weisse Wölfe RAC Germany MP3: [145]
Wewelsburg Thrash Metal, Death Metal Russia MySpace fan page
White American Youth Oi!, Punk USA
White Riot RAC, Oi! Canada
Whitelaw RAC UK Homepage
Whites Load RAC, Thrash Ukraine
Wilkolak NSBM Poland MySpace
Winterfrost NSBM Spain
Wodensthrone Black Metal England MySpace
Wodulf NSBM Greece Homepage MySpace fan page
Wojnar Ambient, Folk Poland MySpace
Wolf's Moon NSBM Poland Changed name to Solar Wisdom
Wolfenhords NSBM Croatia MySpace
Wolfnacht NSBM Greece MySpace fan page
Wolfskraft Metal, RAC Germany Homepage MP3: [146]
Wolfszorn NSBM Germany
Wotanorden NSBM, Pagan Metal USA Homepage, MySpace
Wulfhere NSBM USA


Name Genre Country Website Notes
X.x.X. Rock Germany MP3: [147]
Xenophobe New Zealand MySpace
Xenophobia NSBM USA Homepage


Name Genre Country Website Notes
Yarovit RAC Russia
Yggdrasil Germany
Yggdrasil NSBM Italy
Ymir NSBM Finland
Young Blood Oi! USA
Youngland Rock, Punk, Rockabilly USA Videos: [148], [149] MP3s: [150], [151], [152]
Youth Defense League Oi-core USA
Youthful Offenders Oi! USA MP3: [153] Biography


Name Genre Country Website Notes
Zensur RAC Germany
Zerrbild Germany
ZetaZeroAlfa Oi! Italy Homepage
Zetme 88 RAC Spain
Zillertaler Türkenjäger, Die Folk, Pop Germany
Zorn Rock Germany
Zurzir RAC, NSBM Brazil

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