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Temnozor is a Russian folk NSBM band, formed in Obninsk in 1996. Its name is taken from an archaic Russian word meaning 'The Spirit of the Sunrise'.


TEMNOZOR', the spirit of the Sunrise, was born back in 1996 a.y.p.s. to revoke the Flame of the Aryan Heathen Spirit in the Hearts of the Young. Blending the radical Weltanschauung with the majestic sounds of the Folkish atmospheres channelled through the Subconsciousness, the mighty Metal storms and the powerful clean singing, TEMNOZOR' has rightfully earned the legendary status on the scene during these years.

The debut demo\album "Sorcery is Strengthening the Black Glory of Rus'" was recorded in Spring 1998 and released by Stellar Winter Records in pro-tape format circa one year later (Summer 1999). This work has symbolized TEMNOZOR's unique Folkish Pagan Metal style, uniting the ethnic Slavonic \ North European woodwind ornaments with the cold metallic razors of guitars, echoes of the wardrums, classic baritone singing (one of the main elements which TEMNOZOR' is most (in)famous for) and hateful screams of war...

Even being a debut one, this recording was called one of the best in Folk Metal style ever and received tons of positive reviews from the various underground 'zines and earned great and enthuziastic response from many authorities of Radical Black Metal and White Power scenes. Despite of the isolationist politics of the band back in the past, circa 3.000 copies of this work were sold during 3 years and some more copies were merely bootlegged... By today, this work is already labeled as "cult" by many.

Both prior to the debut demo and later on as well, the band had to undergo through the numerous and constant legal problems due to the accusations of batteries, arsons, racial and religious hatred propaganda. A few unsuccessful attempts to record the 2nd material were taken in 1999 and 2000, but due to the permanent complications these efforts resulted only in a few rehearsal tapes, which were never spread. During the whole history of the band, both before and after "Sorcery..." these events were followed by the constant line-up changes, so the most of the first line-up members were out from the band and merely left the scene.

Winter 2000 \ 2001, after 3 years of forced musical inactivity and isolation TEMNOZOR' finally returns with fire, hatred and death. The band's line-up was partly reinforced by the soldiers from other well-known NSBM hordes (Nokturnal Mortum, Forest, Branikald) and during the Autumn 2001 and Winter 2001/2002 two brand new attacks were prepared.

The first of them, a minion 35-minutes long album, called "Fragments" represents the weirder side of TEMNOZOR' creativity and is marked with the presence of the very strange, ambiental, haunting spiritual depths, not usual for the style of the normal musical creations of the band.

The fullength album named "Horizons...", on the other hand, is much more relative to the folk-metal parts of the debut work "Sorcery...", with it's Folkloristic Pagan Metal Hymns of Pride, Power and Aggression. It basically combines all the elements TEMNOZOR' is actually famous for - Mighty Skaldic Clean Singing, Offensive Roar of the Heathenist Propaganda, Powerful Guitar Riffing Attacks and Ancient Slavonic Folk melodies, performed on the authentical instruments.

Winter 2002/2003, after the numerous delays, TEMNOZOR' finally releases two CD's. "Sorcery of Fragments" is a circa 70 minutes long disc, which includes both whole of "Sorcery is Strengthening the Black Glory of Rus'" debut demo-album and "Fragments" mLP - all in one.This CD was out at mid-December through our long-time comrades HakenKreuz Productions (Vinland). At last, the long-awaited fullength opus "Horizons..." representing TEMNOZOR'in all its glory was released mid-February 2003 through Ascent Records (ex-Drakkar Vinland Prod) (Canada). April 2003 Polish NS label East Side Records has released inner Polish version of “Horizons…” which is special, because it features the unmastered version of the album different from the “official” on Ascent Records. And the last thing to mention in concern to the already infamous “Horizons…” CD. Many comrades outside of Russia are not aware that May 5th the latest fullength album of the legendary Russian NS Pagan Metal horde TEMNOZOR' was released on license for the local sales inside of ex-USSR by one of the biggest mainstream hard-rock/metal labels here (the label which releases mainstream crap like ozzy osbourne, yngwee malmsteen, behemoth, mayhem and marduk for Russia). Two days later, on 7th of May the first pressing of this CD was banned and withdrawn from sales. Funny enough that the most of this 1st pressing was already sold out during these 2 days, before anyone could do anything, creating a huge impact over this CD and over the band itself. This was the first mass propaganda action from TEMNOZOR' camp and such attempts to infiltrate into the major metal scene with our Racial message will continue. We strive for the education and uprising of the White youth. And even if we don't get a dime from all these CD releases, TEMNOZOR' is going to try even bigger things to make our Racial Hateful message to reach our Youth everywhere. KULTURKAMPF!

During Spring / Summer 2004), after 2 more re-releases of TEMNOZOR' “Horizons…” CD on German label Nebelfee Klangwerke and “Sorcery of Fragments” CD on the bands' own label Stellar Winter Rex. and after 2 successful live performances, TEMNOZOR' are currently working upon a lot of the new material in the studio. We plan to fully finish these new works around mid-Summer 2004, as yet another fist in the face of the alien culture and alien faith.

Ater that Temnozor released “Folkstorm of the Azure Nights” in 2005. and Eastern Hammer split during 2008, with Graveland, Nokturnal Mortum and North. Kaldrad Branikald is currently in jail and he is replaced by Rodoslav. The new album is in making and will come out this year.

Band influences

Bands: Burzum, Darkthtrone, Storm, Isengard, Graveland, Absurd, Bathory, Skrewdriver, Bound for Glory and many others.

Classical composers: Wagner, Grieg, Bach, Beethoven, List, Bruckner, Mussorgski and many others.

Writers: J.R.R. Tolkien - “Lord of the Rings”, Howard Philip Lovecraft - various, ”,.Robert Howard’s Conan series and a lot of other fantasy books, also William Pierce “Turner Diaries” and “Hunter”, Walter Scott - various, Jack London - various, Anthony Burgess “A Clockwork Orange”, at the same time Scandinavian sagas, various European legends, fairy-tales and folklore.

Poets: Kveldulv son of Bjalvi, Grim the Bald son of Kveldulv, Egil son of Grim the Bald, Eivind the Murderer of Skalds, Gunnlaug the Serpent Tongue, Sieghvat son of Tord, and many other Scandinavian skalds, then Goethe, Burns, Byron, Poe and many more from those who wrote in English, then some Russian poets like Kluev, Esenin, Brusov, Balmont and many others (unknown to the non-Russian readers) along with various European folkish songs etc.

Philosophers: Friedrich Nietzsche, Alfred Rosenberg, Ragnar Redbeard, Guido von List (unsure if we could really put him into “philosophers” category), Miguel Serrano and some others.

Political activists: Prince Svjatoslav Igorevich (the last Pagan Prince of Ancient Russia, the one who crushed the judeo-khazar empire to dust), Adolf Hitler, Joseph Goebbels, Heinrich Himmler, general Pavel Krasnov (the only Russian SS General), Baron Ungern (first Russian fascist during the Russian Civil War), Varg Vikernes, Ian Stuart, Robert Mathews, David Lane, Dr. William Pierce and some others.

Artists: Dore, Kittelsen, Adolf Hitler again (his landscape paintings), Vasilyev (Russian greatest Racially-conscious painter), Vasnetzov, Bilibin.(both Russian folklorist / historical painters), Churlionis and some others. The most of the names would tell you nothing anyway.


Studio albums

  • Sorcery is Strengthening the Black Glory of Rus' (1998, Stellar Winter)
  • Horizons... (2003, CD Maximum)
  • Folkstorm of the Azure Nights (2005, CD Maximum)
  • Haunted Dreamscapes (2010, Stellar Winter)



  • Be Oden Narod Slavensk (1996)
  • Fragments... (2001)

Live albums

  • Twilights at the Winter Funeral (2010, Stellar Winter) (DVD and CD)


  • Sorcery of Fragments (2003)

Other appearances


  • Rodoslav - vocals
  • Leshiy - drums
  • Kaldrad Branislav - vocals (currently not in band)
  • Stanislav - guitars
  • Svyagir - keybaords
  • Meschar - bass
  • Ratibor - flutes, vocals

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