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Kolovrat is a band from Moscow, Russia that formed in 1994 under the name Russian Ghetto.


Kolovrat is the most famous patriotic band of Russia, they’re a peculiar mouth-piece of real native youth known as NS skinheads. The band was formed in august 1994 in Moscow, when 4 young (18-19 years old) WP skinheads decided to start the first right-wing political ensemble in Russia. They hadn’t had serious musical experiences before the band was formed. From the beginning they have intended their works to skinhead audience. Then in Moscow began to grow this movement, but in the whole city the amount of skinheads was about 100, but probably it was smaller than this number. The musicians were chooseing the bands name for a few months, it was very responsible business for them. At last they found the name “Russian Ghetto”.

The guys practiced a lot in their own practice room in neglected house, where gathered fast all Moscow skinheads and some members of right wing organizations; pretty soon the band recorded the first demo “Ready for destruction” (December ‘94, 7 songs, 20 min.) and then the second demo “Glory to Russia!” (April ‘95, 7 songs, 20 min.) in some half-professional studio. The line-up became stable, some musicians were changed and “Russian Ghetto” being formed: Vladimir Anikin - vocal; Denis Gerasimov - guitar; Ygor Dronov - bass; Andrey Tarasov - drums. However, in may 1995 bassist and drummer were called up for military service & the band was forced to start everything anew, but this time with new musicians.

Unfortunately the new members played only before autumn ‘95 and author of songs, the leader and inspirer of “Russian Ghetto” Denis was obliged to start work as single person and prepared the music and lyrics for further compositions. In passing he searched the new skinhead musicians, but then in 1995 the movement was not numerous and it was impossible to find the creative people with experiences of drummer or bass player. Because of that the permanent line-up gathered only in February ‘97, when vocalist Vladimir and guitarist Denis joined bassist Ygor (he returned from the military service) and new drummer - skinhead Alexej. Ygor, when he was in army, leaved for his own part in war against terrorists from Chechnya as volunteer, in 1995-1996 he fought against them with swastika flag and confederation banner on his tank, he was confused and decorated.

Then in 1997 the NS skinhead movement grew and “Russian Ghetto” had the possibility to start playing live on real gigs in rock-clubs (before they’re emerged only on closed parties for 15-20 friends in their practice room ). The first gig took place on 5.04.97 on patriotic fest “The Day of Russian Nation”. The audience was about 200 WP skinheads, the atmosphere was just great, the band played its best songs, the skins shouted “Hail Victory!”. This success inspired “Russian Ghetto”, but soon Denis decided to change the line-up and to select more talented and skilful musicians for the intensification of the band. Denis joined Alexandr Astachov - vocal, Maxim Romanenko - guitar, Alexej Karapuzov - bass and Vjacheslav Chekmeniov - drums. Then Denis decided to change the band’s name to “Kolovrat”, because this great name was more suitable to emphasize with evidence the right wing political orientation of the band.

From September of 1997 “Kolovrat” started to play the permanent regular live shows (the best one was at “Ian Stuart Memorial I” 18.09.97 in Moscow), but in December the bassist Alexej was arrested, cause together with the old band’s friend Grigoriy (“Cat”) he committed a double murder of ex-skinhead (who became heroin user) and of some tramp-alcoholic. They were condemned for 20 years of imprisonment each and Denis urgently invited to the line up the old bass player Ygor Dronov, which was obliged to leave the band some time ago because of family’s problems. The next big gig happened 8.02.98 in Culture-House “Setun”, where gathered more than 550 skinheads and this show visited one comrade from Germany, who became soon the good and loyal friend of “Kolovrat”. Moscow skinhead fanzines started to publish the information about the band and concerts became a permanent activity.

After a few new gigs “Kolovrat” recorded the debut album “National revolution” (November ‘98, 16 songs, 65 min.); they organized their own record label “Kolovrat NS Records” to release it, cause the “common” labels of Moscow didn’t want to put it out. The reason was that the lyrics were “too evil & radical”. Among the russian NS skins this recording became pretty popular and the “release of the album party” took place on 18.12.98 in Dolgoprudny city near Moscow, where in the next hall accidentally found oneself the local mayor, which celebrated there their jubilee to the sound of odious melody “7:40”. This zionistic servant was shocked and the gig’s time was shortened. After that the place for “Kolovrat” gave another Moscow club “G.P.”, where started the gigs of “Rock against the drugs” series. The band emerged there a few times and onetime the guys played for right-wing football hooligans, which invited “Kolovrat” to take a place in their closed party. Only in April of 1999 the band emerged 3 times. 1.05.99 “Kolovrat” depart on their very first tour and emerged with success in Petersburg. After the gig 13.05.99 in Moscow, where the band played near 2 hours, Denis decided to end the collaboration with old vocalist because of his personal problems, few weeks before he leaved “Kolovrat”.

12.06.99 happened real tragic event in the history of the band - some unknown criminals killed in the fight the “Kolovrat” bassist Ygor Dronov. This bastards are not found by police and Ygor’s comrades till this time. The reason of murder could serve his “nazi-tattoos” with symbols like “svastika” and “celtic cross” or with tattooed slogans like “Sieg Heil!” Ygor was buried near Moscow, the friends made mention of him and the band started to search the new members. As a result in September ‘99 “Kolovrat” joined vocalist Alexander Teemonitchev and bassist Dmitry Ezepov. Their debut gig with the band took place 16.10.99. In memory of Ygor Dronov near 300 NS skinheads gathered together to show a true national-socialist solidarity. Pretty soon “Kolovrat” emerged in Tula and organized the unprecentendet action in “Molodiojnaya” hotel, where right in the center of Moscow in pathosious conference-hall was a burst of White Power Rock thunder and 100 band’s friends listen to the musicians with attention. After this great gig followed excellent tour to Kursk, a few concerts in Moscow, one of them - 26.02.00 in “Fakel” was dedicated to the memory of young NS Skinhead Ygor Topolin, which was active member of “Kolovrat Crew” and was killed by the knife in the fight between skinheads and left-wing activists after the antifascist ska-punk gig, which take a place in “R-club”.

Soon the band left Moscow for their first big tour to support the new album “Blood of patriots” and emerged in Tula, Ryasan (the native city of great Evpaty Kolovrat), N-Novgorod, Petersburg. After the tour “Kolovrat” played a few gigs in Moscow and their performance at “VIII international moto-show” in front of 4000 bikers (many of them are patriots or even national-socialists) was real culminance of this gig series.

The album “Blood of patriots” was released 10.06.2000, he was recorded in professional studio in 22 days together with 7 remixes from “National revolution” for german RAC label “Puhse”. He included 17 songs, which were written in 1998-1999, with playtime near 64 min. This is strong musical work in RAC style with a couple of excellent sincere songs with NS lyrics.

In the history of “Kolovrat” their gigs were prohibited more than 10 times by powers or club owners, militia attacked the concert places like they did 28.06.2000, where 100 comrades were arrested and cops took away the musical instruments with words : “You don’t need it anymore!” Against the arrival of the band to Petersburg 18.03.2000 the local antifas have unsticked in the city 8000 propaganda leaflets, “Kolovrat” tapes were confiscated in music stores, many of them refused to spread such recordings, this band was always obliged to work in deep underground.


Hail Russia

Russian Ghetto

  • Ready To Destroy (1994)
  • Hail Russia (1995)


  • National Revolution - Full Length-1998, [1]
  • Blood of Patriots - Full Length-1999, [2]
  • Steel Cap Rock - Live-2000, [3]
  • Ninth Wave of White Power - Full Length-2002, [4]
  • Era of the Right Hand - Full Length-2002, [5]
  • Kolovrat/Nahkampf - Split Album-2003, [6]
  • 10 Years in Valhalla/ISD Memorial - Split Album-2003, [7]
  • Hammering the Road to Victory - Full Length-2003, [8]
  • Uznik Sovesti - Full Length -2004, [9]
  • Hail to Russia - Full Length -2005, [10]
  • European Freedom Express - Split Album -2007, [11]



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