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Knjaz Varggoth

Nokturnal Mortum is a Ukrainian pagan NSBM band.


The band was formed in 1992 as Suppuration, a death metal band, before changing its name to Crystaline Darkness in 1993 and switching to a black metal style. As the name Crystaline Darkness was already in use by another band, the name was changed again the following year to Nocturnal Mortum. The c in Nocturnal was later changed to a k to lessen the chances of any further name clashes with other bands.


Studio albums




  • Eleven Years Among the Sheep (2004)

Live albums

Other appearances

  • Der Sieg ist unser: Volume 1 (2000) - "The Call of Aryan Spirit"
  • Visions: A Tribute To Burzum (2002) - "My Journey to the Stars"
  • National Socialist Black Metal - The Voice of Our Blood (2003) - "Nebesnoe Serebro Peruna"
  • The Night and the Fog Part II (2003) - "As a Steel Eagle into the Golden Svarga"
  • Totenlieder - NS Compilation (2003) - "Weltanschauung"
  • Tribute to Graveland - Chronicles of Tyranny and Blood (2006) - "Thurisaz"

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