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Aryanas was formed in London, Ontario, Canada in 2005. The current lineup consists of one man, Aryanas Nokturnus, who plays instruments on all the albums. In the past, a session bass player, Veritas, has been brought in.

The genre of Aryanas is mainly National Socialist Black Metal but Warmetal is also present. Lyrics are based around Pagan National Socialism, Nature, Heritage and Society. The current label Aryanas is under, Sombre March Records, is currently still active, with Aryanas working for a 2007 release of the LP Dawn Of A Noble Era. As of late 2007, Aryanas has disbanded.

Aryanas is also currently working on a split album with Pagan Heritage from Dublin, Ireland, although nothing has been presented as of 2010.


  • Vinlandic Winds Shall Guide Me - Demo 2005
  • Aryan Warmongers - Split 2006 (2 tracks)
  • Musical Terrorist - EP - 2006
  • Volkskrieg - Demo 2007
  • Dawn Of A Noble Era - Full Length 2007