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Finist is a Ukrainian power metal band from Kharkiv. The band was formed in 2002 as a project of Saturious, the keyboardist of Nokturnal Mortum, and features other Nokturnal Mortum members as well. The band describes its sound as, "a fusion of black metal, folk, power metal, and themes of Ukrainian Nationalism." Finist is the name of the 'Bright Falcon' in Slavic mythology.


Studio albums

  • Awakening (2005)


  • Crosses Shall Burn (2002)
  • Nightmares (2006)


  • Saturious - vocals, bass, acoustic guitar, sopilka, clarinet, piccolo, keyboards
  • Roman Gavrilov - guitar
  • Wortherax - guitar
  • Roman Philonenko - guitar
  • Munruthel - drums

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