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Thor's Hammer

Thor's Hammer was a Polish NSBM band, formed in Wrocław in 1997. The band's last known line up was Capricornus (vocals, bass, guitars, and drums), Raborym (guitars), and Diathyrron (drums). Capricornus stated that while Capricornus (the band) expresses "the darkest and most evil side" of his nature, Thor's Hammer is "ideologically deeper and forces the listener to philosophical reflection."[1]

Thor's Hammer was disbanded by Capricornus in 2003; he stated that he has expressed everything he could with the project and felt no need to continue with it.[2]


Studio albums

  • Fidelity Shall Triumph (1997)
  • May the Hammer Smash the Cross (2000)
  • Three Weeds from the Same Root (2004)


  • Thor's Hammer / Dark Fury (2000) with Dark Fury


  • Fidelity Shall Triumph / May The Hammer Smash The Cross (2003)


  • Nothing But Hate (1997)

Other appearances

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  1. Interview with Capricornus
  2. Thor's Hammer's MySpace fan page; see 'About Thor's Hammer'

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