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Macht und Ehre is one of the oldest German white power bands still active today.


Herrenrasse Album Cover

Macht und Ehre was formed in a Berlin prison in late 1990 by Stephan Jones. Macht und Ehre is officially banned by German law, but its records are recorded and released through distributors in other countries. Its song "Torsten Koch" is, according to its lyrics, dedicated to a nationalist of that name who was murdered in the same prison where Stephan Jones was serving his sentence.

Macht und Ehre underwent a slight change in the 2000s, in that its lyrics became less overtly extreme. In the early days, the band sang songs with lyrics like, "Auschwitz, Dachau, und Buchenwald - da machen wir die Juden auf's Neue kalt!" (Der Ewige Jude), which in English translates as, "Auschwitz, Dachau and Buchenwald - there we'll kill the Jews again!" Other songs from its early days had titles like: "Ali Drecksau" (Ali Motherfucker), "Kanacke Raus"; (kanacke is a German slang word for an Arab, equivalent to the English term sand nigger).

In its more recent albums, the band sings of anti-Communism, German pride, and anti-captialism, but its lyrics are hardly as harsh as in earlier songs. After six years of silence, the group released Schwarzer Orden in 2003.

The four songs Macht und Ehre contributed to Hass Schürender Larm in 2004 have received wide praise from fans.


Mit uns ist der Sieg Cover
  • Torsten Koch (1991)
  • Volkssturm 93 (1993)
  • NSDAP (1996)
  • Nigger Out! (1996) (Split CD with Kommando)
  • Herrenrasse (1997)
  • Schwarzer Orden (2003)
  • Hass Schürender Larm (2004) (Split CD with Division Germania)
  • Tribute to Freikorps (2004) (Split CD with Division Germania and Sleipnir)
  • Mit uns ist der Sieg (2005)
  • Hass schürender Larm II (2007) (Split CD with Die Barbaren & Aryan Brotherhood)