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People Haters are an American white nationalist rock band mostly known for their comical lyrics.


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Zionvision, degredation of society; Zionvision, won't brainwash me
Zionvision, it's a plot by the Jews; from the MTV to the Six O'Clock News
Don't you see what's coming, out of your TV screen?
Violence, rape, murder and race-mixing!
It's our children's minds that they're trying to mould
They believe what they see and what they're being told


Tricky Yid wants to dominate the gentile
With beard and locks he slithers, just like a reptile!
Tricky Yid, he was a Tricky Yid
A rotten little kid, a Tricky, Tricky Yid
Lie and Jew is all he ever did!

Tricky Yid.

Shoot your needles full of AIDS, bodies riddled with disease
Easy targets don't run away, when they're always on their knees
It's a man's world and you'll never fit in; smear the queer, sterilise the lesbian
He's a poop pirate, she's a filthy dyke; don't forget, the freak hermaphrodite!

Smear the Queer.

Moma was a Jew-girl, Daddy was a spade
Grandma just looked at us, said; "what is this you made?"
With a little yarmulke on a greasy fro; is he a greedy Jew, or just a lazy bro?
Heebro, ni***r or a k*ke, Heebro, race-mixing parasite
Heebro, big lips and kinky hair, Heebro, at the synagogue they stare


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