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White American Youth, also known as W.A.Y., was among the first American skinhead bands to appear in the late 1980s and early 1990s.


In 1991, the Chicago band broke up and several members went on to form the band Final Solution. In 1992, along with fellow American band Bound For Glory, Final Solution was the first American white power rock band to play a concert in Europe or abroad, setting a precedent that gained exponentially as the years went on. The concert in Weimar, Germany had over 4,000 attendees from all over Europe. The concert also included the German bands Störkraft and Radikahl.

Walk Alone Album

  • 1. White American Youth
  • 2. Go Away
  • 3. Martyr (R.I.P. RJM)
  • 4. AmeriKKKa for Me
  • 5. Rights of the Abused
  • 6. White Pride
  • 7. Odin's Court
  • 8. Happy Death
  • 9. Organized Chaos
  • 10. Open Your Eyes
  • 11. White Power
  • 12. Walk Alone