Conspiracy theories involving Jews

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The World Jewish Congress, which operates in over 100 countries in 6 continents in order to advance Jewish interests worldwide, states that "a so-called Jewish global conspiracy" is a "big lie".

Conspiracy theories involving Jews refer to a wide variety of conspiracy theories with Jews as claimed conspirators.

Some examples of such conspiracy theories include:

There are conspiracies that do not involve Jewish ethnic or Israeli interests, but that may involve, for example, personal financial gain. Jews may be claimed to have been involved in such conspiracies. See also Race and crime: Organized crime

Criticisms of conspiracy theories involving Jews may sometimes use what may be a straw man tactic by implying that all conspiracy theories involving Jews are variations of or similar to The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and that all conspiracy theories involving Jews therefore should be summarily dismissed without further discussion.

The label "conspiracy theory" may, possibly as a form of ad hominem, also be applied by critics to various theories or views that supporters may deny are conspiracy theories. Examples include the Jewish group evolutionary strategy, Cultural Marxism, and a large Jewish influence.

Secret conspiracies involving Jews are often conflated with organizations and informal networks more or less openly working for Jewish and/or Israeli interests. They exist in many countries, may be very powerful, and may more or less openly coordinate and cooperate with one another towards common goals. Examples include:

Such organizations may also be accused of being involved in secret conspiracies and espionage. See, for example, the article on the Anti-Defamation League.

There may be more or less open attempts to influence non-Jews to favor Jewish and/or Israeli interests, such as by campaign contributions to politicians by the Israel lobby.

There are also Jews who as individuals may in various way promote Jewish or Israeli interests, despite not being part of any organized group. Such individuals by definition do not form a conspiracy but may still be influential.

See the article on Jewish influence regarding Jewish influence in general.

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