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Édouard Adolphe Drumont (3 May 1844 – 5 February 1917) was a French anti-Semitic writer and activist. He wrote book, La France juive (Jewish France, 1886), on topics such as Jewish influence in France. He was also the founder and editor of the newspaper La Libre Parole and initiated the Antisemitic League of France. Drumont was influential during the Dreyfus affair.

"In Jewish France, Drumont (1844–1917), a journalist and leader of the political anti-Semitic movement in France, employed his considerable investigative talent to present one of the most comprehensive and factual accounts of Jewish influence produced in the nineteenth century. The book went through one hundred printings in a single year, turning Drumont into one of the best known public figures in France. One of the texts great strengths was that it didn’t rely on a single approach or viewpoint. It wasn’t just academic or journalistic, and it didn’t focus purely on politics or culture. The work embraced references from sources as varied as Catholics and socialists, while also including substantial elements of history, economic statistics, race science, and social criticism. Perhaps its greatest quality, however, is its break from the pessimism of Toussenel and Marr. Drumont writes of “considerable obstacles,” but asserts that “they are not insurmountable.” In many respects the work is a bridge between older texts, and those of the twentieth century and later."[1]

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