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House of Rothschild Arms

The Rothschild family is an international Jewish financial dynasty, originally from Frankfurt, Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation.


House of the Rothschild family in Judengasse (Jew alley), Frankfurt am Main

The Rothschild family became the most famous of all European banking dynasties, which for some 200 years exerts great influence on the economic and, indirectly, the political history of Europe. The house was founded by Mayer Amschel Rothschild (b. 23Feb, 1744, Frankfurt-am-Main — d. 19 September, 1812, Frankfurt) and his five sons, Amschel Mayer (b. 12 June, 1773, Frankfurt — d. 6 December, 1855, Frankfurt), Salomon Mayer (b. 9 September, 1774 —d. 27 July, 1855, Vienna), Nathan Mayer (b. 16 September, 1777 — d. 28 July, 1836, Frankfurt), Karl Mayer (b. 24 April, 1788 — d. 10 March, 1855, Naples), and Jakob Mayer (b. 15 May, 1792 — d. 15 November, 1868, Paris). Starting out in a Frankfurt banking house, Mayer and his sons became international bankers, establishing branches in London, Paris, Vienna, and Naples by the 1820s. In addition to banking and finance, the Rothschild businesses have encompassed mining, energy, real estate, and winemaking.[1]

During the 19th century, the Rothschild family is estimated to have become possessed of the largest private fortune in the world. The family's wealth is stated to have declined over the 20th century, and to be divided among many various descendants. The Rothschild family has frequently been the subject of conspiracy theories involving Jews or been used as one example of Jewish influence.

The Frankfurt terminus of the Taunus railway, financed by the Rothschilds. Opened in 1840, it was one of Germany's first railways.


In England Lionel de Rothschild was the first practising Jew to be elected to the House of Commons, in 1847, for the Liberal Party (UK). Having refused to take the Christian Oath he was not admitted to the chamber until a decade later. Mayer Amschel de Rothschild was elected to the UK Parliament, also for the Liberal Party, in 1859. A Baronetcy was created (nominated by Lord John Russell, Liberal Member of Parliament for the City of London) in the Baronetage of the United Kingdom in 1847 for Anthony de Rothschild, a banker and politician, with a special remainder to the male issue of his elder brother, Lionel de Rothschild, M.P. (above) Both Anthony and Lionel were sons of the influential financier Nathan Mayer Rothschild (1777–1836), founder of the English branch of the Rothschild family. Lionel's eldest son, the banker Nathaniel Mayer Rothschild, was also created Baron Rothschild in the Peerage of the United Kingdom. His nomination was by William Gladstone, Liberal Prime Minister at the time.

Margaret Thatcher supported Lord Rothschild's 1971 proposal for market forces to affect government funding of research, which was almost universally opposed by scientists.

My Family Created Israel

Lord Jacob Rothschild said in an interview from 2017 that his ancestors “helped pave the way for the creation of Israel,” forcing the British government to sign the Balfour Declaration in 1917.[2]


  • Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes the laws. – Mayer Amschel Rothschild, first patriarch of the Rothschild dynasty
  • Who hold the balance of the world? Who reign o'er Congress, whether royalist or liberal? Who keep the world, both old and new, in pain or pleasure? Who makes politics run glibber all? The shade of Bonaparte's noble daring? Jew Rothschild and his fellow Christian Baring. – Lord Byron, 1824, Don Juan
  • The Rothschild leeches have for years hung on with distended suckers to the body politic of Europe. This family of infamous usurers, the foundation of whose fortunes was laid deep in the mire of cheating and scoundrels, has spread itself out over Europe like a network. It is a gigantic conspiracy, manifold and comprehensive. There is a Rothschild — a devoted member of the family — in every capital of Europe. Vienna, St Petersburg, Paris, London, Berlin, are each and all garrisoned and held for family purposes by members of this gang. This blood-sucking crew has been the cause of untold mischief and misery in Europe during the present century, and has piled up its prodigious wealth chiefly through formenting wars between States which never ought to have quarreled. Wherever there is trouble in Europe, wherever rumours of war circulate and menʹs minds are distraught with fear of change and calamity, you may be sure that a hooked‐nosed Rothschild is at his games somewhere near the region of the disturbances. – Labour Leader, 19 December 1891, paper of the Independent Labour Party
  • It is quite extraordinary the number of privatisation troughs that N. M. Rothschild has got its snout into: British Telecom, Britoil, British Gas, Royal Ordnance, British Airways, Rolls Royce, British Airports Authority, British Petroleum, British steel, water, regional electricity, Northern Ireland electricity, British coal, the list goes on and on. The chancellor, Norman Lamont, and the economic secretary, Anthony Nelson both used to work for N. M. Rothschild. – Private Eye on Thatcherism, April 1993.


  • The House of Rothschild (1934) starring George Arliss.[3][4]
  • The Rothschilds' Shares in Waterloo (or just Die Rothschilds) (1940)[5]
  • Empire of Shadows (documentary)[6]

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