British League of Ex-Servicemen and Women

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British League of Ex-Servicemen and Women (BLESMAW) was formed by James Taylor. The group would later fall under the control of ex-detainees (many followers of Oswald Mosley) who were interned for a period of time in Britain during World War II.

BLESMAW was involved in street clashes during the late 1940s in London’s East End fighting the ‘alien and communist menace.’ Oswald Mosley was critical of their tactics and unrefined opposition to Jewish supremacism. Nevertheless many of their members joined Mosley’s post-war Union Movement. The group lasted from 1937-1948 and was involved in clashes with the 43 Group, a Jewish terrorist organisation.

It was not necessary to be former British military to have been a member of BLESMAW.[1]



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