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The 43 Group was a Jewish antifa group in the United Kingdom.

Wikipedia claims that it existed between 1946 and 1950 and claims that the name came from the number of people in a room during the group's founding meeting in 1946.

Another description: "The UK-based 62 Group was a progeny of the earlier 43 Group – also an extremist ethno-nationalist group who, according to Gable, were “a group of volunteers who in ’43 volunteered to fight for a Jewish homeland”. A former member of the 43 Group, Vidal Sassoon, described it as “a crudely armed paramilitary force” – a euphemism for political terrorism. The philosophy of the 43 Group was very simple: “Armed with clubs, razors, bricks, knuckle-dusters, broken bottles, knives and everything except guns and bombs, the 43 Group tracked down ‘Fascist’ meetings to quash them … ‘We’re not here to kill’ a former 43 Group veteran recalls being told on one occasion: ‘we’re here to maim’. It is reported that approximately 30 members of the 43 Group subsequently moved to Palestine in the late 1940s to fight against the Palestinians and the British (the British held the Mandate for Palestine at that time)."[1]

To what degree it had associations with Jewish terrorist organizations such as the Irgun and the Lehi, which planned and committed numerous bombings and killings of British citizens, in Palestine, in Britain, and elsewhere, including plans to crash an aircraft into the House of Commons, may be unclear.[1]

There may also possibly have been associations with the Jewish Brigade (with the 43 group sometimes described as consisting of "Jewish ex-servicemen") and associated organizations such as the Nakam and Tilhas Tizig Gesheften.

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