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The 62 Group was an antifa group in London set up in 1962, based on the earlier 43 Group. A notable member was Gerry Gable, who would later create the magazine Searchlight. Wikipedia claims that membership was only open to Jews.

A less politically correct description: "The 62 Group was essentially an ethno-nationalist movement: “To be a formal member you had to be Jewish but they worked with people from all communities including many Irish and Black activists” It is in this context that 62 Group orchestrated and executed ‘direct action’ (premeditated, extreme violence), and encouraged ethnic minority groups to “vent their anger”, against their targeted political opponents – people belonging to (or supporting) indigenous ethno-nationalist groups within the British community. The 62 Group (mostly supporters of the Beginite Herut organisation, a political successor to the Irgun Zvai Leumi terrorist group) specialised in direct action, infiltration, agent provocateur work, entrapment, ‘dirty tricks’ and 'black-bag' jobs (burglary). The UK-based 62 Group was a progeny of the earlier 43 Group – also an extremist ethno-nationalist group who, according to Gable, were “a group of volunteers who in ’43 volunteered to fight for a Jewish homeland”".[1]

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