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Black supremacism is an ideology based on the belief that Blacks are superior to other races and therefore should control or rule these races.

As is the case for White supremacism, groups and individuals that have been labelled as "Black supremacist" by politically correct sources may actually advocate views such as Black separatism.

In a broad sense, some forms of Black privilege and advocacy for such privileges for Blacks, but not for some other group(s), may be seen as Black supremacism. This would make Black supremacism very widespread.

In South Africa, there are influential Black individuals and groups supporting views such as subjugation and genocide of Whites. One example being that African National Congress leaders have sung the song Kill the Boer. Another example is members of a Black South African student organisation calling for genocide of all White men in South Africa.[1] Such views may be involved in the ongoing South African farm attacks and mass killings of Whites in South Africa.

Furthermore, the African National Congress in South Africa, and other even more radical political parties in South Africa, may today possibly be considered to be officially Black supremacist, demanding and implementing policies that Whites should not be allowed to own land and with Whites discriminated in various ways.

African Pygmies are often enslaved by Black Bantus. In association with the wars in Congo, there have been cannibalism, rapes, and mass killings of Pygmies.

Aspects of Rastafarianism and Black liberation theology have been seen as Black racism/supremacism.

However, in politically correct descriptions (such as by the SPLC), Black supremacism is limited to only a few organizations. Many of these have been accused of being anti-Semitic, which may possibly be related to why these particular organizations have been labelled as Black supremacist. Such organizations include:

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  1. ‘White men you must die’ say South African blacks at Overvaal school