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Black privilege is a term for argued unfair societal privileges that benefit blacks.

Argued examples include:

  • There are many black countries where blacks are the overwhelming majority. Whites will become minorities almost everywhere. See White demographics.
  • Affirmative action quotas and other privileges in education and employment.
  • A wide variety of organizations catering specifically to blacks and promoting their interests, without being considered controversial. There are few organizations specifically for whites that are not considered controversial.
  • Before elections, it is considered politically correct to appeal specifically to black voters, but not to white voters.
  • Black identity and pride is considered a form of empowerment. White identity and pride is considered a form of racism.
  • Media bias with the mass media downplaying or concealing news with negative associations for blacks and doing the opposite for news with positive associations.
  • Media bias in fictional TV series and movies, with the depictions of blacks on average much more positive than of whites. Also, for example, blacks as criminals are greatly underrepresented compared to real world crime statistics.
  • Media bias regarding depictions of events such as colonialism and slavery.
  • Much lower risk of being accused of racism than whites, even if the circumstances are similar.
  • Blacks can use racism in order to explain various individual or group failures, while whites can not.
  • No white guilt and a movement promoting this.
  • "Black History Month" and similar events.
  • "Black Studies" depicts black positively. "Whiteness studies" depicts whites negatively.
  • Racial "diversity"/"sensitivity training" depicting blacks positively and whites negatively.
  • Lenient treatment in the justice system, due to causes such as fears of being accused of racism. See the articles on Race and crime (in particular the section "Bias in the justice system") and Hate crime.

Another possible discussion is regarding the privilege of blacks in currently majority white countries as compared to blacks in majority black countries on variables such as living standards.

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