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Jewish privilege is often considered the "main privilege of the world" and the global weapon of Judaism.

Arguable points

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  • Unlike the "white privilege" canard, people cannot claim "Jewish privilege" in public lest they be arrested, fired, ostracized, etc.
  • Jews heavily influence the media, own many banks, influence most world governments, and own most businesses. Many have the greatest chance of success simply by being jewish.
  • They can do anything they want and if anyone criticizes them, they can stop them by alleging anti-semitism. They get total immunity from criticism (on pain of excommunication, pink slips, boycotts, etc.) and they never have to say they are sorry.
  • Jews can belittle other Jews, especially those against Zionism, and, claiming ancestry of Khazar Jew converts (even if atheist), get away with this.
  • Since the 1960s, Ashkenazi Jews have been the wealthiest and most politically powerful group in America. Yet, Cultural Marxist groups like ARA pledge "solidarity with the Jewish community", where they would never pledge solidarity with "the White community."
  • Simply claiming to be Jewish will get many individuals the highest chance of admission based on race to universities. The top universities have predominantly Jewish students.[2]
  • Jews get to be white when they want to be, Jewish when they don’t. For instance, they can hide within white demographic when it suits them (Harvard) while not being subject to white guilt.

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