Mass rapes by Allied forces during World War II

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Women said to have been raped to death, or raped and then murdered by members of the Red Army in Berlin 1945.

As Allied troops invaded Germany in 1945 during the latter part of World War II, mass rapes took place, both during the invasion and the subsequent occupation that was to last many years.


Herbert Smagon's work "Besetzung der Stadt Rössel" showing the rape and murder of German women and girls in East Prussia in January 1945.
The French Résistance often raped and sometimes killed French women, who had love affairs with German soldiers.[1][2]

Most numerous and notorious were the rapes committed by Soviet forces. At least two million German women were said to have been raped, and a substantial minority, if not a majority, appear to have suffered multiple rapes including some who were literally raped to death.

Between the months of January and August of 1945, Germany saw the largest incident of mass rape known in history, where an estimated two million German women were raped by the Soviet Red Army soldiers, as written by Walter Zapotoczny Jr. in his book, ‘Beyond Duty: The Reason Some Soldiers Commit Atrocities’. Between the months of April and May, the German capital Berlin saw more than 100,000 rape cases according to hospital reports, while East Prussia, Pomerania and Silesia saw more than 1.4 million rape cases. Hospital reports also stated that abortion operations were being carried out daily across all German hospitals. Natalya Gesse, who was a Soviet war correspondent at the time, said that the Soviets didn’t care about the ages of their victims. “The Russian soldiers were raping every German female from eight to eighty. It was an army of rapists,” she said. This caused the deaths of no less than 200,000 girls and women due to the spread of diseases, especially that many eyewitnesses recounted victims being raped as much as 70 times in that period. Red Army soldiers would mass rape German women as a kind of revenge against their enemy: The German army. They felt that it was their earned right to do so as the German army had ‘violated’ their motherland by invading it. In addition to not being in contact with women for long periods causing their animal instinct to be heightened. “Our fellows were so sex-starved,” a Soviet major told a British journalist at the time, “that they often raped old women of sixty, seventy or even eighty - much to these grandmothers’ surprise, if not downright delight.” In his book, Zapotoczny said that even female Russian soldiers did not disapprove of the rapes, some finding it amusing. In 1948, rape cases decreased vastly after Soviet troops were ordered back to their camps in Russia and left residential areas in Germany.[3]

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