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Below is a list of Jewish dissidents, individuals who have taken an untraditional position against communism, Zionism and Jewish supremacy.

Name Website Notes
Florian Abrahamowitz Catholic priest in Italy, he gives interviews, that show, he does not believe in the Holocaust.
Anton Graf von Arco auf Valley Despite a Jewish mother, he involved himself in patriotic movements such as the Freikorps and personally eliminated the usurper Kurt Eisner in Bavaria.
Jack Bernstein Author of The Life of an American Jew in Racist, Marxist Israel
J.G.Burg Non-Zionist Jew, writes about overestimation of concentration camp victim number to justify country theft in Palestine.
Daniel Burros Jewish member of the American Nazi Party
David Cole [1] Revisionist on topic of Jewish casualties in World War II
Nicolas Donin 13th century Christian convert. Exposed Talmud's anti-gentile teachings in 1240 Disputation of Paris.
David Paul Drach 19th century convert to Christianity who exposed the Talmud.
Myron Fagan Exposed communists in Hollywood
Norman Finkelstein [2] Exposes the “Holocaust Industry
Bobby Fischer Criticizes Jewish manipulations at chess playing. See also Fischer's open letter to Encyclopaedia Judaica.
Benjamin H. Freedman Supported the publication, Common Sense
William Potter Gale Promoted Christian Identity and founded Posse Comitatus
David Gordon Publisher of the Catholic International
Nathanael Kapner [3] Left Judaism, is a “street evangelist” now. Friend of Henry Makow.
Henry H. Klein Defense attorney at the Great Sedition Trial of 1944
Dr. Fejér Lajos Wrote a debunking book about Jewish history and Jewish aims in Hungarian.
Bernard Lazare Wrote a debunking book about the phenomenon and reasons for “anti-Semitism”.
Alfred Lilienthal Author of The Zionist Connection
Henry Makow [4] Author of Cruel Hoax: Feminism and the New World Order and Illuminati: The Cult That Hijacked the World
Karl Marx[1] 1818-1883 Author of On the Jewish Question, often accused of being a self-hating Jew.
Emil Maurice 1897-1972 Member of the NSDAP, friend of Hitler, honourary-Aryan.
Johannes Pfefferkorn Christian pamphletist who died on October 22nd, 1524, in Cologne
Sidney Reilly Born Shlomo Rosenblum, British agent and founder of the Anti-Bolshevist League
Judith Reisman Cultural conservative and anti-Sexual Bolshevist activist. Debunked pervert Alfred Kinsey.
Fred Schwarz head of the Christian Anti-Communism Crusade
Ephraim Sevela Author of Farewell, Israel!
Israel Shahak Author of 3000 years of Jewish History
Israel Shamir [5] As a journalist he writes debunking articles about Jewish racism in Palestina and elsewhere.
Lyle Stuart Publisher of The Turner Diaries
Ariel Toaff Published controversial material about Jewish Ritual Murder
Natali Cohen Vaxberg Does performance art criticizing Israel.
Mordechai Vanunu Collected data about Israel's atom weapons program and offered the information to the British press.


  1. Karl Marx exposed the Jew as financial parasite, but at the same time he devised one of the most infamous and harmful Jewish terror systems in all of history. The financial Jew which Marx criticised, may rob and steal, but the Bolsheviks who he inspired have butchered almost 100 million goyim for the Jewish race, and also robbed and stole calling that "nationalizing".