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David Gordon (1894-1957) was the publisher of the 1940s Catholic International. Born into a Jewish family in Vilna (at the time Russia),[1] he converted to Catholicism and gravitated toward pro-gentile politics supporting Mussolini’s Italy and Franco’s Spain. .[2] Although he made claims of attending Harvard he was self-educated, never finishing high school.

He arrived with his family in Lorain, Ohio in 1900 at age 6.

From 1922 through 1929, he published the semi-porn girlie magazine Hot Dog using the name Jack Dinnsmore.[3] [4] In the 1940s he edited a similar magazine also under the name Jack Dinnsmore called Top Kick aimed at servicemen which stirred suspicions against the FDR administration and its allies Great Britain and the Soviet Union.[5]

In the late 1930s he converted to Catholicism and later became a member of the Christian Front.[6]

In the early 1950s he was a speechwriter for Senator Joseph McCarthy.

Novelist daughter

David Gordon's daughter is the novelist Mary Gordon. In 1996 she wrote a memoir about her father called The Shadow Man.


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