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Pan-Germanism, German Pangermanismus or Alldeutschtum, was a nationalist movement aiming to politically unify all Europeans speaking German or a Germanic language into a nation state.

The movement was especially influential during nineteenth and early twentieth century, seeking to unify the many German successor states to the Holy Roman Empire, partly succeeding with the creation of the German Empire in 1871. After 1918 Pan-Germanism became largely marginalised, although supported by the National Socialists.

Politically correct descriptions may describe it as synonymous with Lebensraum views, despite this being a different concept that is often be misrepresented.

After the defeat of National Socialist Germany, the movement was considered a political taboo, despite, for example, Israel and the World Jewish Congress, claiming to represent all Jews and supporting a Jewish nation state only for Jews, are not considered politically incorrect.

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  • Pan-Germanism by Professor Roland G. Usher, PhD., London, 1914. (A critical book).