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Black pride, Gay pride, Asian pride, and White pride, as explained by Wikipedia, applying a double standard. See also Wikipedia's and RationalWiki's race articles on many other examples.
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Double standard
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A double standard is the application of different sets of principles for similar situations.

Politically correct double standards

  • The politically correct sources using name-calling labels such as homophobia, Islamophobia, xenophobia, and similar "-phobia" word, apply a double standard and do not use "-phobia" words as labels for criticisms of Whites, heterosexuality, Christianity, and so on.
  • Various double standards involving the name-calling labels Hate group and Hate speech.
  • Pro-White organizations are more or less automatically accused of racism and White supremacism, and they have little influence. In contrast, accusations of racism and supremacism are much rarer against, for example, pro-Black or pro-Jewish organizations which openly and influentially lobby for the self-interests of their own group.
  • Whiteness studies is anti-White, other "studies" support the group "studied". Black studies is not named "Blackness studies". There are no "studies" of Jewish influence, Jewish supremacism, Jewish privilege, and so on.
  • The applications of hate speech laws often have a double standard regarding application to Whites and non-Whites, heterosexuals and non-heterosexuals, and so on, where minority groups are often treated more leniently than the majority group.
  • Some Jews have been argued to apply a double standard regarding Israel and other countries, such as regarding immigration, see Jews and immigration. See also Jewish supremacism.
  • Affirmative action is in practice many different kinds of double standards, such as by applying harsher admission criteria for higher education for Whites than for many non-White groups.
  • The Bantu expansion is one example of frequent double standards regarding topics such as expansionism and colonialism. Often, only European such are mentioned.
  • Politically correctness of stereotypes, with, for example, Blackface make-up considered very politically incorrect and offensive, while depicting Whites negatively, such as in "redneck", "white trash", and skinhead stereotypes, is considered politically correct.
  • Between Western and non-Western countries regarding Immigration physical barriers.
  • Criticisms of religion, with criticizing Christianity considered to be politically correct, criticizing Islam less so (often labelled Islamophobia), and criticizing Judaism even less so (often labelled anti-Semitism).
  • Regarding Blackwashing.

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