Name calling

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Logical fallacies and
propaganda methods
Ad hoc
Ad hominem
Agent provocateur
Big lie
Black propaganda
Cherry picking
Confirmation bias
Continuum fallacy
Domino theory
Double standard
Fake news
False counterexample
False flag
Godwin's Law‎
Guilt by association
Lewontin's fallacy
Name calling
Slippery slope
Straw man
The sociologist's fallacy

Name calling is abusive or insulting language when referring to a person or group. It is an emotional propaganda method rather than a factual argument or factual reasoning.

Words such as Homophobia, Islamophobia, Xenophobia, Hate group, and Hate speech may be considered name calling, implying emotionally that opponents are mentally ill or "Hate", often without presenting any evidence for these allegations and ignoring the factual arguments of their opponents.

Another example is using Nazi instead of National Socialist.