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Argued example of Jewish hypocrisy on ethnonationalism in Israel versus other countries.[1]

Jews and immigration is a controversial topic that is often not discussed in politically correct sources.

Many Jewish organizations and individuals have been prominent supporters of high immigration to Western countries. The same applies to organizations and individuals from other minorities, possibly for reasons such as this seen as reducing the power of the majority. However, the Jewish support has been argued to be especially important for reasons such as high Jewish influence.

Jews have also been important in ideological movements with indirect influence on immigration policies, such as race denialism and Cultural Marxism.

There have been many criticisms of hypocrisy and double standards on Jewish support/opposition of nationalism, migration, and multiculturalism regarding Israel versus other countries.

See also Israel: Immigration and repatriation.

The 1951 Refugee Convention has often been seen as motivated by persecutions of Jews by National Socialist Germany. However, there are various less often mentioned aspects on this. One is that the primary problem for Jews wanting to emigrate from Germany was that very few countries wanted to let large numbers of Jews immigrate. The Refugee Convention does not grant rights to those still in their original country and it would thus not have given immigration rights to these Jews. Furthermore, part of the reason for the increasing antisemitism in Germany was a large inflow of Jews from Poland/Russia, where they were persecuted long before Hitler gained power in Germany. Another aspect is Israel taking in very few refugees, despite being very closely located to many of the areas having many refugees and many of these refugees originating from wars supported by the Israel lobby, since they were seen as weakening enemies of Israel. Another group of refugees is the Palestinian refugees originating from Israel itself and who are not allowed to return.

That the mass immigration is actually beneficial for Jewish interests is questionable. See White demographics: Minority interests.

Some Jews have been critical of the mass immigration and especially of the Islamization, possibly for reasons such as negative effects for Jews and Israel. As such, they may especially support immigration reduction organizations that are explicitly race denialist and instead focus their immigration criticisms on anti-Islamization. They may oppose White nationalism and support Zionism and a Jewish nation state for Jews at the same time.

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