Hellmuth Prieß

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Hellmuth Prieß
Hel(l)muth Prieß.jpg
Birth date 6 March 1896(1896-03-06)
Place of birth Hildesheim, Province of Hanover, Kingdom of Prussia, German Empire
Death date 21 October 1944 (aged 48)
Place of death between Hasenrode and Gumbinnen, East Prussia, German Reich
Allegiance  German Empire
 Weimar Republic
 National Socialist Germany
Service/branch Iron Cross of the Luftstreitkräfte.png Imperial German Army
War Ensign of the Reichswehr, 1919 - 1935.png Reichswehr
Balkenkreuz.jpg Heer
Years of service 1914–1944
Rank General of the Infantry
(General der Infanterie)
Commands held 121. Infanterie-Division
XXVII. Armeekorps
Battles/wars World War I

World War II

Awards Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross
Relations ∞ 1927 Margarete Große, née Ahlborn

Heinrich Gustav Hellmuth Prieß (sometimes also Helmuth and Priess; 6 March 1896 – 21 October 1944) was a German officer of the Imperial German Army in World War I as well as officer of the Reichswehr and the Wehrmacht, finally General der Infanterie and recipient of the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross during World War II. He must not be confused with SS-Gruppenführer and Generalleutnant of the Waffen-SS Hermann Prieß or with Helmuth Prieß (1939–2012), Lieutenant Colonel of the Bundeswehr and recipient of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Military career (chronology)

Helmuth Heinrich Gustav Prieß.jpg
Helmuth Heinrich Gustav Prieß (2. v. l.) an der Kriegsfront.jpg
Oberleutnant Prieß, 1927.JPG
Rangliste des deutschen Reichsheeres.,1931.png
  • 10.8.1914 Entered the 2. Thüringisches Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 32 in Meiningen as a war volunteer
  • 1914 Transfered to the Infanterie-Regiment „von Voigts-Rhetz“ (3. Hannoversches) Nr. 79 in Hildesheim
  • 2.3.1916 Transfered to the E.M.G.K.G. (Replacement Machine Gun Company) of the X. Armee-Korps
  • 26.3.1916 Leader of the Field Machine Gun Platoon 250 (Feldmaschinengewehrzug 250)
  • 10.5.1916 Transfered to the Landwehr-Infanterie-Regiment 76
  • 19.4.1918 Transfered to the Sturm-Bataillon Nr. 5 "Rohr"
  • 7.1.1919 Transfered back to the Infanterie-Regiment „von Voigts-Rhetz“ (3. Hannoversches) Nr. 79
  • 1.4.1919 Transfered to the Niedersächsisches Reichswehr-Infanterie-Regiment 20/Reichswehr-Brigade 10/Vorläufige Reichswehr in Hannover
  • 15.9.1919 Transfered to the Niedersächsisches Reichswehr-Infanterie-Regiment 19/Reichswehr-Brigade 10/Vorläufige Reichswehr in Hannover
  • 1.1.1921 Company officer in the 16. Infanterie-Regiment in Oldenburg
  • 1.4.1921 to 10.10.1921 Commanded to the Garnisons-Kommando Hannover
  • 1.4.1922 8. (Maschinen-Gewehr-)Kompanie/16. Infanterie-Regiment in Hannover
  • 1.3.1925 Infanterieschule München
  • 1928 16. Kompanie/16. Infanterie-Regiments in Osnabrück
  • 1.9.1928 In the staff of the 2. Division in Stettin
  • 15.6.1930 3. Kompanie/Kraftfahrabteilung 2 in Stettin
  • 1.10.1930 Kommandantur Berlin
  • 1.10.1931 to 14.1.1932 Commanded to the 9. (Preußisches) Infanterie-Regiment in Potsdam
  • 1. 6.1932 General Department of the Military Service (Allgemeine Abteilung des Wehramtes) in Berlin (later renamed Allgemeines Heeresamt)
  • 1.2.1935 Commander of the 8. (Maschinen-Gewehr-)Kompanie/19. (Bayerisches) Infanterie-Regiment in München
  • 15.10.1935 Commander of the 14th (anti-tank) Company/Infanterie-Regiment 19
  • 12.3.1937 Chief of Operations (Ia) of the 15. Division in Frankfurt am Main
  • 6.2.1939 At the disposal of the Commander-in-Chief of the Wehrmacht (Offizier z. b. V. zur Verfügung des Oberbefehlshabers des Heeres) in Berlin
  • 25.5.1939 Staff of the Kommandantur of Berlin
  • 26.8.1939 In the Department of National Defense in the High Command of the Wehrmacht
  • 15.10.1940 Quartermaster of the 1st Army
  • 15.3.1942 Commander of the Infanterie-Regiment 671
  • 5.11.1942 Führerreserve OKH (III)
  • 25.11.1942 to 31.12.1942 Delegated with the leadership of the 121. Infanterie-Division
  • 1.1.1943 Commander of the 121. Infanterie-Division
    • 22.2.1944 to 2.3.1944 at the same time delegated with the deputy leadership of the XXXVIII. Army Corps
    • 1.4.1944 to 7.6.1944 onc eagain delegated with the deputy leadership of the XXXVIII. Armeekorps
  • 10.7.1944 Führerreserve OKH (III)
  • 27.7.1944 to 30.9.1944 Delegated with the leadership of the XXVII. Armeekorps
  • 1.10.1944 Commanding General (Kommandierender General) of the XXVII. Armeekorps (4. Armee/Heeresgruppe Mitte)


Infantry General Prieß fell on the Eastern Front, when his aeroplane was shot down during a reconnaissance flight. In the afternoon of this day, the Red Army (11th Soviet Guards Army) had launched an attack on Gumbinnen against the German 4th Army.


Hellmuth was the son of Hermann Prieß (d. 3 July 1919), Professor at the agricultural school (Landwirtschaftsschule) in Hildesheim as well as author, and his wife Johanna Pauline "Paula", née Gramann (d. 24 September 1932). His brother was the architect Oskar Ferdinand Wolfgang Prieß (b. 27 January 1901 in Hannover). On 24 September 1927, Oberleutnant Prieß married Margarete Große, née Ahlborn, who brought a daughter (b. 1922) from her former marriage into her new marriage.


  • 10.8.1914 Kriegsfreiwilliger (War Volunteer)
  • 12.12.1914 Fahnenjunker (Officer Candidate)
  • 8.4.1915 Fähnrich (Officer Cadet)
  • 2.6.1915 Leutnant (2nd Lieutenant) with Patent from 10.8.1914[1]
    • 1.7.1922 received new Rank Seniority (RDA) from 1.9.1915
  • 31.7.1925 Oberleutnant (1st Lieutenant) with RDA from 1.4.1925
  • 1.11.1930 Hauptmann (Captain)
  • 1.11.1935 (RDA date[2]) Major
  • 1.8.1938 Oberstleutnant (Lieutenant Colonel)
  • 1.10.1940 Oberst (Colonel)
  • 21.1.1943 Generalmajor with RDA from 1.1.1943
  • 1.7.1943 Generalleutnant
  • 1.10.1944 General der Infanterie

Awards and decorations