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Afrocentrism or Afrocentricity is a pro-Black ideology emphasizing the claimed suppression of the importance of Blacks in various historical events. Examples include claims that various ancient civilizations, such as Ancient Egypt, were created by Blacks. Many of the claims are rejected by mainstream historians, but as being politically correct, these claims may despite this be disseminated at, for example, universities.

"A favorite Afro-centric fantasy is that the ancient Egyptians were black. In 1990, when news began to seep out that many black “academics” were making this claim, columnist John Leo of U.S. News & World Report telephoned seven prominent Egyptologists to get the expert view. To a man, they agreed that neither the pharaohs nor the common people of ancient Egypt were black or negroid, but not one was willing to be quoted. As one explained, the question was “politically too hot;” people can get in trouble for disagreeing with the most preposterous foolishness if it happens to be asserted by a large number of blacks."[1]

A 2000 article, criticizing Afrocentric claims made by teachers at City University of New York (CUNY) campuses, also stated that "The students at Medgar Evers College–as well as those of many other CUNY campuses–will graduate thinking that half the world’s geniuses were black and that today’s civilization owes its existence to the efforts of Africans. They will believe that the “white man” has conspired to hide African accomplishments as part of his effort to “subjugate” blacks."[2]

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