Hans-Adolf Prützmann

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Hans-Adolf Prützmann (31 August 1901 – 21 May 1945) was an SS officer allegedly involved in Einsatzgruppen atrocities.

Later, he was assigned the task of setting up the Werwolf force's headquarters in Berlin and organizing and instructing the force. Prützmann had studied the guerrilla tactics used by Russian partisans and the idea was to teach these tactics to the members of Operation Werwolf. As originally conceived, the Werwolf units were intended to be legitimate uniformed military formations trained to engage in clandestine operations behind enemy lines in the same manner as Allied Special Forces such as Commandos.

In early 1945, under orders from Himmler, he is stated to have directed the assassination of the Allied-appointed mayor of Aachen, Franz Oppenhoff. Shortly before the war ended, Prützmann was captured by the Allies. He supposedly committed suicide while in custody.

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