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The French State (État français) was the state in France during WWII, following the Battle of France, the armistice with Germany on 22 June 1940, and after the French National Assembly voted to give full powers to Philippe Pétain on 10 July 1940 and the government moved to the town of Vichy. Politically correctly, it is referred to as Vichy France.

Initially, southern France was not German and Italy military occupied. Following the Allied landings in French North Africa in November 1942 (which may be viewed as an attack on a neutral country, with the Vichy government having been previously recognized as legitimate by various countries, including the United Kingdom and the United States), southern France was also militarily occupied by Germany and Italy to protect the Mediterranean coastline.

There was a resistance movement, with a large Communist and Jewish influence, to some degree coordinated with Charles de Gaulle's movement outside the country.

Following the Allied Normandy landings in June 1944 and the liberation of France later that year, a new pro-Allied government was installed, led by de Gaulle. Most of the leaders at Vichy fled or were subject to show trials and a number were quickly executed for alleged treason in a series of purges. Thousands of alleged collaborators were summarily executed by local Communists and the Resistance in so-called "savage purges". The highest estimates state more than 100,000 killed.

Regarding various less politically correct views on the French State and France during WWII more generally, see the "External links" section.

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