Scholarship of Fascism

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Scholarship of Fascism refers to the presentation in academia of fascism, the political movement which Italy was ruled by under Benito Mussolini. The vast majority of the so-called scholarship after World War II and just before it, is plagued by politically bias, specifically presenting a Marxist-Leninist view or is curtailed by the intellectual cowardice of authors who are desperate to show how "anti-fascist" they are rather than write a serious study of the subject. Much of the more serious work comes from outside the Anglosphere: especially Renzo De Felice and Ernst Nolte. Following that some serious work has been done by Zeev Sternhell,Template:J A. James Gregor and Stanley G. Payne. There is less stigma attached to writing objectively about Italian fascism than German National Socialism at present.

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