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Maurice Bardèche (1 October 1907 – 30 July 1998) was a French art critic and journalist. He was also the brother-in-law of the "collaborationist" novelist, poet and journalist Robert Brasillach, executed in 1945.

Leftist Wikipedia claims that Bardèche was "one of the leading exponents of neo-fascism in post–World War II Europe" and to have been involved in the founding of various organizations.

In 1948, he wrote the book Nuremberg ou la Terre promise (Nuremberg or the Promised Land), critical of the Nuremberg trials. This has been claimed to be the origin of Holocaust revisionism by some politically correct sources. Prominent Holocaust revisionist Carlo Mattogno has criticized this, stating that Bardèche has been "promoted for tactical purposes to the world's first revisionist", but that the book actually was not Holocaust revisionist.[1] See also Paul Rassinier.

However, other aspects caused the book to banned in France, copies of it were seized, and Bardèche in 1952 was sentenced to a year in prison, although he spent only a few weeks there before being pardoned.

Also in 1952, he founded the journal Défense de l'Occident, where Paul Rassinier was a frequent contributor.[2]

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