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Likud (meaning "The Consolidation"; official name Likud – National Liberal Movement) is a major politically party in Israel. Wikipedia describes it as "centre-right to right-wing", which may possibly be correct in the local Israeli context that is now generally very pro-Jewish nationalist among Israeli Jews, but Likud supports pro-Jewish policies that would likely be labeled as "far right", "supremacist", or worse, if a non-Jewish party outside Israel supported similar policies for a non-Jewish group, one example of double standards in politically correct media.

Although originally a secular nationalist party, many Orthodox Jews view the Likud as a better party for their special interests than other mainstream parties, and in recent years a large group of Haredim have joined the party and established the "Likud Haredi faction", one example of the increasing influence of fundamentalist Judaism in Israel.

Since 1977, many Israeli Prime Ministers have been from the Likud party.

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