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Holocaust camps refer to various non-voluntary camps allegedly involved in the Holocaust.


A camp is a place usually away from urban areas, where tents or simple buildings are erected for shelter or for temporary residence, such as for laborers, prisoners, or vacationers.[1]

Different types of camps

There are several different types of non-voluntary camps (the same camp may have several of these functions simultaneously):

  • Prison camps for convicted prisoners.
  • POW camps for prisoners of war.
  • Concentration camps typically used to concentrate and control the activities of a hostile or a possibly hostile population. The term was created in reference to such camps used by the British during the Second Boer War, in order to prevent the Boer population from helping the Boer forces/partisans.
  • Labor camps typically used for forced labor. The Gulag camp system in the Soviet Union was one example.
  • Extermination camps typically refer to camps that use methods such as gassings in order to exterminate large numbers.
  • Transit camps are used for purposes such as very temporary residence, while waiting for or changing trains.

Alleged National Socialist extermination camps

Map depicting the location of the Holocaust camps and the now "standardized" politically correct view on the Holocaust as a deliberate genocide: Jews and some other groups are claimed to have been transported from different parts of Europe to extermination camps in Poland. Gas (the delousing agent Zyklon B or carbon monoxide) was used to kill groups packed into gas chambers. Some are claimed to have been temporarily spared, in order to be used as forced laborers, but many of these died quickly due to deliberately harsh conditions intended to kill. In addition, it is claimed that many were killed by the mobile Einsatzgruppen in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union, by methods such as mass shootings and gas vans.

Notably, it is no longer claimed that there were mass extermination camps using gas chambers in Germany itself, despite this being "proven" during the Nuremberg trials and "documented" with even today often shown photographs and films of heaps of corpses, who had actually died of causes such as typhus. Also many other early descriptions of the Holocaust differ widely and contradictorily from the particular version that is now the "standardized" politically correct view.

The most notable alleged National Socialist extermination camps were six camps located in Poland:

  • Auschwitz - allegedly a combined extermination/forced labor camp that used the delousing agent Zyklon B for gas killings. Revisionist argue that it was a combined concentration/forced labor/transit camp. By far the most known camp.
  • Majdanek - allegedly a combined extermination/forced labor camp that used Zyklon B, carbon monoxide, and mass shootings for killings. Revisionist argue that it was a combined concentration/forced labor/transit camp.
  • Chelmno - allegedly used gas vans for killings. Revisionist argue that it was a transit camp.

In addition, some other camps are sometimes also alleged to have been (in part) extermination camps such as

The Jasenovac camp in Croatia was not operated by National Socialist Germany but by the Ustaše regime.

Western Holocaust camps

Various western Holocaust camps in Germany were earlier alleged to have been large scale extermination camps. These claims have now been abandoned. Revisionists have argued that the claims regarding non-German extermination camps relies on evidence not substantially different from that which was earlier claimed to support the existence of large scale extermination camps in Germany.

Holocaust ghettos

See Holocaust ghettos.

Tens of thousands of additional camps and ghettos "discovered"

See Holocaust demographics: Tens of thousands of additional camps and ghettos "discovered".

Revisionists views

See Holocaust motivations: Holocaust revisionist views on motivations for the camps and deportations and Holocaust demographics regarding general revisionist views on the alleged extermination camps and their demographics. See also the "External links" section.

See also

  • Concentration camp
  • Danzig-Matzkau
    • a German prison camp for SS personnel, who committed crimes against their oath, including against prisoners in the Holocaust camps, likely completely unknown to the general public as a not politically correct German camp.

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