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Holocaust ghettos are one aspect of the Holocaust. According to politically correct history, mostly during the 1941-43 period, there was a ghetto system for Jews in Poland and elsewhere. The average duration of a ghetto was roughly two years. Ghettos were generally small sections of cities that were designated as Jewish-only areas. Contrary to popular belief, many were completely open and allowed free entry and exit and were only marked by a sign. Jews were only confined to living and operating businesses there. Large numbers of Jews are claimed to have died in the ghettos, due to a variety of causes, before being moved to the Holocaust camps. Revisionists have argued that the claims vary widely and often lack any evidence.[1]

What happened to the corpses of those who died in the ghettos, supposedly around a million corpses according to some politically correct claims, is completely unexplained even by politically correct sources.[1]

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In 2013, it was announced that tens of thousands additional camps and ghettos had been "discovered". See Holocaust demographics: Tens of thousands of additional camps and ghettos "discovered".

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