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Argued example of Jewish hypocrisy on ethnonationalism in Israel versus other countries.[1]

Zionism is a Jewish nationalist ideology and movement. Judaism itself has many Zionist aspects, but Zionism in its more recent and somewhat more secular form started in the 1800s, notably by Theodor Herzl, in order to establish an ethnically/racially Jewish nation state, succeeding with the creation of Israel in 1948.

Zionism is supported by the Israel lobby, Christian Zionists, and various form of Jewish influence more generally. With Israel being created by ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, critics include many Palestinians and their supporters, such as many Muslims. Some Haredi Jews may in theory be opposed to secular Zionism, but Israel is increasingly moving towards religious Judaic Zionism and theocracy. Some critics may not necessarily be opposed to some form of a Jewish nation state, but be critical of various related aspects, such as Zionists argued to use their influence to contribute to other countries making wars on perceived enemies of Israel.

Hypocrisy and double standards

Zionists individuals and organizations have frequently been criticized for hypocrisy and double standards, supporting Jewish nationalism and an ethnically/racially Jewish nation state in Israel, while at the same time opposing White nationalism and supporting mass immigration and multiculturalism elsewhere.

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