Why We Fight: Manifesto of the European Resistance

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Why We Fight
Cover of the first English edition
Author(s) Guillaume Faye, Michael O'Meara, Pierre Krebs (introduction)
Cover artist Andreas Nilsson
Country London
Language English
Genre(s) Politics
Publisher Arktos
Publication year 2011
Pages 280
ISBN 1907166181

Why We Fight: Manifesto of the European Resistance is a 280 page book by French author, professor and activist Dr. Guillaume Faye. The first English edition was published in 2011 by Arktos, while the original edition came out in the French language in 2001 as "Pourquoi nous combattons: Manifeste de la Résistance européenne" and later in German translation as "Wofür wir Kämpfen" in 2006. .

The book contains the author's proposed manifesto for an ethnic, cultural, spiritual and economic awakening of an according to the author decaying Europe, threatened by an aggressive colonization by non-European peoples (especially from Afro-Arabian nations), an expanding Islam and an American cultural and political adversary. In addition the book contains an ideological dictionary with 177 entries where Faye attempts to define concepts from an identitarian perspective, but also create a encyclopaedia of essential sides to the European resistance against the current liberal order for use by ethnically conscious Europeans and other interested parties.

Back Cover Text

"Identitarians and others making up the European resistance lack a doctrine that truly serves as a political and ideological synthesis of who they are - a doctrine that speaks above parties and sects, above rival sensibilities and wounded feelings, that brings the resistance together around clear ideas and objectives, uniting them in opposition to the Europeans' dramatic decline. Our people today face the gravest peril in their entire history: demographic collapse, submission to an alien colonisation and to Islam, the bastardisation of the European Union, prostration before American hegemony, the forgetting of our cultural roots, and so on.

In the form of an introductory text and a dictionary of 177 key words, Guillaume Faye, one of the most creative writers of the European 'Right', makes a diagnosis of the present situation and proposes a program of resistance, reconquest, and regeneration. He holds out the prospect of a racial and revolutionary alternative to the present decayed civilisation. The manifesto's principal objective is thus to unify the resistance by developing a common doctrine that unites everyone and every tendency seeking to constitute a European network of resistance - a doctrine that goes beyond the old sectarian quarrels and superficial divisions. All relevant subjects, including politics, economics, geopolitics, demographics, and biology are broached. As it was for the Nineteenth-century Left with Marx's Communist Manifesto, Why We Fight is destined to become the key work for Twenty-first century identitarians.

This edition of Why We Fight contains the complete text of the original French edition, as well as additional material that was added for the German edition. Also included is an original Foreword by translator Michael O'Meara, author of New Culture, New Right, as well as a foreword by Dr. Pierre Krebs, Chairman of the Thule-Seminar in Germany."|Arktos|2011}}"[1]

About the Author

Guillaume Faye was a leading theorist of the French 'New Right' during the 1970s and ‘80s, and a prominent member of Alain de Benoist’s GRECE group. After leaving the movement in the mid-‘80s for a career in French journalism and radio, he resurfaced as a political writer in 1998, publishing numerous articles on the contemporary situation in Europe, many of which came to form his 1999 book L’Archéofuturisme (published in English translation in 2010 by Arktos under the title Archeofuturism). Ever controversial, Faye has criticised not only what he views as the ongoing Islamisation of Europe, as well as the dominant European culture of self-loathing, but he has also attacked anti-Semitism and Holocaust revisionism in his work La Nouvelle question juive, arousing ire not only among the Left, but also in many corners of the so-called 'Far Right'.

Among his ideas are notions such as an all but complete rejection of current political projects; opposition to extra-European, and especially Islamic, immigration; and a strong pan-Europeanism, which he views as the only hope for European survival. He continues to write and lecture to this day. Archeofuturism was the first in a series of his works that will be made available in English by Arktos.[2]

Table of Contents


  • Prophet of the Fourth Age (Dr. Michael O’Meara) 9
  • It’s About The Primordial Fire (Dr. Pierre Krebs) 19
  • A Note from the Editor 26


  • Unite on the Basis of Clear Ideas Against the Common Enemy 29
  • Beware of False Friends 31


  • The Logic of Decline 39
  • Ethnic Colonisation 40
  • The Blocked Society 44
  • France or Europe? 48
  • Economic Principles 53
  • For Nuclear, Not Petroleum Energy 53
  • The Imposture of the ‘New Economy’ 59
  • Toward a Planetary Economic Crisis? 62


  • America and Islam Against Europe 65
  • The Dangers of European ‘Disarmament’ 67
  • Notions of the ‘Menace from the South’ and the ‘Domestic Front’ 69
  • Toward a Eurosiberian Strategic Doctrine: The ‘Giant Hedgehog’  70


  • From Aesthetics to Xenophilia 73


  • Why Are We Fighting? 263
  • Index 272

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Publication Data

Why We Fight - Manifesto of the European Resistance, Guillaume Faye, 2011, Arktos, ISBN-10: 0465025226 ISBN-13: 978-0465025220


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