New Culture, New Right: Anti-Liberalism in Postmodern Europe

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New Culture, New Right: Anti-Liberalism in Postmodern Europe (2004) is a study of the European New Right carried out by the North American historian Michael O'Meara.


Introduction: The True Right

I. From The Old Right To The New
The Passing of the Old Right
The GRECE's Founding
Postmodern Antinomies
Across Three Decades
The Conservative Revolution

II. Metapolitics
The War of Position
World-Openness and Will to Power
The Identitarian Challenge to Liberal Modernity

III. Liberalism's Reign Of Quantity
The Quantitative Character of Political Rationalism
Contemporary Measures
Virtual Totalities

IV. Twilight Of The Gods

V. Archeofuturism
The Christian/Modernist Concept of Time
The Longest Memory
The Wellspring of Being
The Future of the Past

VI. Anti-Europe
Europe and America
The Homeland of Modernity
Planet of the Clowns
Toward Zion

VII. The West Against Europe
The Cold War Condominium
Third World Alliance
The System That Destroys Nations

VIII. Imperium
The Demise of the Nation State
The Imperial Idea
The Geopolitics of Eurosiberia
Organic Democracy

Liberalism's War on Identity
The New Right Project
Critique of the GRECE

Second Edition

  • A second edition has been published by Arktos (London: 2013).

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